Sunday, August 8, 2010

A new version o Dweller incoming soon

I've had two busy weeks with a lot of summer activities that have prevented me from working effectively on a bug-fix version of Dweller. Some work has been done, and I expect to get a lot done next week with a goal to have a new release out before the end of next week.

I would like to thank everyone who have sent feedback on the latest release. Your feedback is invaluable! As a token of my appreciation everyone who have given feedback or will give feedback in the future will get their name into the game. The merchant on level 1 will be randomly named each game from a list of people who have given feedback. You will come across merchants like Jeff the trader, Mateusz the merchant and so on. Thanks again!


  1. will there be 1.6 support?

  2. please bring back ASCII :(


  3. Yes, 1.6 support is in the works. Maybe not for the next release, but in the release after that.

    I have received a couple of requests to bring back ASCII. I'll give it some more thought and maybe reconsider. Thanks.