Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Javascript Magic - The JS1K compo

I really dig coding competitions, especially when the rules of a competition give limitations on the contestants and their competition entries. The limitations could be things like thematic (write a shoot 'em up game), input limitations (write a one button game), time limited (within 24 hours), language limited (Javascript only) or size limited (number of characters).

In the roguelike world we have the 7DRL annual competition. Write a roguelike game in 7 days. There has also been 1K competitions with really good roguelike entries.

The most recent competition I came across was the JS1K competition where you have 1KB of Javacode to do something really cool with (minified and all ofcourse). Some of the stuff is truly amazing (there is so much to link to... this one is nice as well, and this and this and this, oh I better stop). There is also at least one roguelike entry, Yellow vs Red.

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