Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dweller 1.1 bugfix release

The 1.0.2 release was unfortunately a bit buggy. I didn't have enough time to test all aspects of the release and had to release too early due to my vacation plans. Well, now I'm back and ready to release version 1.1 of Dweller. The new release is mainly a bugfix and balancing release with the following things done:

- The merchant will be named after player who have contributed to the game by submitting bug reports or giving feedback

- Adjusted item prices. No more arrows being worth thousands of gold.
- When you sell something to the merchant you won't get paid the full price of the item

- There was an issue with Scrolls of Recall that left a player ghost on the level you travelled from
- Game over crash bug
- Crash bug when redefining keys
- Some monster graphics were wrong
- Traps and secret doors in the caves are no longer clearly visible even when not found
- Android - Cycle Target set to Menu key
- Going back from the Buy/Sell item list takes you to the correct screen
- Improved touch screen srolling in menues
- It was possible to kill the merchant with ranged attacks

Download and instructions here:



  1. Seems there is a bug in the new version, I can buy or sell to the merchant..

  2. Thanks. A new version (1.1.2) has been released.

  3. Still errors on N1 in regards to loading and saving the game levels and state.

  4. Think I found a bug, playing the wizard around lvl 10 I have been instant killed by a bat two times. Also when selling duplicates of equiped items the remainder unequips. Keep it up Björn!

  5. @Anonymous: I think I may have solved the writing to disk issues. The new save/load code will be in the next version.

    @Martin: I've received the same bugreport from another player as well. I will look into it. Thanks.

  6. 'I think I may have solved the writing to disk issues. The new save/load code will be in the next version.'

    Awseome, keep up the good work!

  7. @Martin: I have not been able to reproduce the vampire bat bug. Vampire bats have high speed (21) and if you are slow they will get many attacks in before you have a chance to fight back. Maybe that's what happened?

  8. Well I dont know could be that he gets in four hits. the death log suggests that the bat dies before me, Its almost like the bonus exp is doing the damage.

  9. I actually also ran into a problem when fighting a bat. I'm not sure it was specific to bats, it could probably happen with other monsters as well, but I'll have to investigate it some more. I got a crash bug which was caught by my code and it immediately ended the game and took me back to the main menu. Did you get to see a game over screen?

  10. Im seeing the game over screen so i guess that im just getting killed :P

  11. Martin, I found the issue with lethal bats, and it will be solved for the next release. Thanks!