Monday, August 23, 2010

Dweller 1.2 released - now with support for cupcakes

It is time for another Dweller release again. This release adds backwards compatibility for Android handsets (Cupcake through to Froyo). The release also contains some highly anticipated bugfixes for the J2ME version, some new features, a couple of changes and a bunch of minor bugfixes.

Download Dweller here.


  • Version check at startup to avoid loading invalid saved data
  • Floating text animations above monsters and player when taking damage and upon xp gain
  • Added some stat gain potions
  • Amount of gold shown in the bottom status bar when interacting with the merchant


  • Added some extra info to the saved scores (char level and max depth)
  • Chests, stairs and traps will no longer be created in water
  • Updated the splash screen logo
  • Improved scrolling in menues, especially when using a touch screen


  • J2ME - Exiting the app in any other way than from the game menu did not save any ongoing game
  • J2ME - Some of the default keybindings for navigation conflicted with keybindings for inventory and main menu on some handsets (SE C702 among others)
  • Worg graphics was still incorrect - doh!
  • The game over screen was shown multiple times which caused weird behaviour and multiple score entries
  • When enchanting a wielded weapon it gets unwielded but not wielded again. This was unintentional and has been solved.
  • When enchanting an item you have more than one of the whole stack got enchanted. Only stacks of ammo can get enchanted now
  • It is no longer possible to enchant a quiver of normal arrows as those are of unlimited supply
  • On really rare occasions the game crashed when entering a new level
  • Infrequent crash bug when dying


  1. Does not show in 1.5 market (cupcake)

  2. That is strange. I'll look into it and try and fix it before the next release. Thanks!

  3. Ah, found it! I had the wrong minimum SDK version set. The next release will feature Cupcake support.

  4. Thanks a bunch! It works. Playing on my Android tablet. It's amazing!

  5. I'm glad you are enjoying it! What tablet are you using?