Monday, July 26, 2010

Dweller bugfix

It turned out that there were problems with the sewer level that I did not catch when testing... how sloppy of me... :-( Since I'm on my way on a one week vacation I had to release a patched version (1.0.2) with the sewer level disabled. I'll release a proper bugfix next week. Sorry for the inconvenience...


  1. there is also a issue with 7 and 9 being bound to inventory and menu.

    and when using targeting the target indicator is not scaled, as well as a key needed to be hit before one can cycle action or fire.

  2. Thanks. It's added to my list of issue to solve for the next release.

  3. Hello

    I cannot get this game to run properly on my N1 running froyo.

    If I have persistant maps and leave an area, I got this error 'Unable to save map. Stream is closed'

    When I die I get an error 'Unable to show game over screen Stream is closed'

    When I select 'Exit Dweller' it throws up some erorr message quickly that I cant read and doesnt save anything as next time I play the game, I have to select New Game.

    It seems the game doesnt have permission to write to the SD card or something.

    From what I have seen, it looks like a great game, reminds me of Sword of Fargoal back on the C64.


  4. Hi Bjorn!
    In the beginning i want to thank you for this nice roguelike. I liked updated version with tiled graphic and merchant. It is very addictive %) I noticed some bugs and i have some advices (IMHO), so let's begin! And i am sorry for broken english. yep!


    Sometimes on level 10 hp is not changing, even if someone attacks me or i drink potions of healing. That is actually changing but it is not display.

    Very often when i die i got message 'Unable to show game over screen and highscores is not updates

    I have some advices. May be some of them will be useful
    1. Add thematic levels (like graveyard with undeads, zoo with animals etc)
    !2!. Increase levels up to 15 or better 20, because 10 it is too easy
    3. Allow non-wizard classes use magic items. This ability will based on Magic. For example: i play Ranger with Magic 3. Than i found book of draining with Magic 10. Its useless, but later i found wand of poison with magic 2, and i can use it! ) Of course, the better things will have high magic.
    4. More potions! +att +def etc
    5. More monsters and deadly traps with uncommon effects.
    !6. Memorized spells. That is every spell have charges (like wands but much more). When you cast it, this amount decreas. You can recharge it by reading (use) book again but there is chance destoy book.
    7. May be you should add statistic (killed monsters, better item, max money etc) in highscores. Now its boring.

    Finally, continue make game better!


  5. Thank you for the bug reports and encouraging words!

    @Wes: Did you install the game on the SD card or can you in some way define where an app saves it's data?

    @Anonymous: I plan to add more themes, for sure. It takes a while though and I want to make the themes I have already more unique than they are at the moment. I have plans for making the dungeon deeper, but it will take some time. Side quests and a harder final boss would also work. The depth in itself is not what makes the game easy or or hard. A lot of players are suggesting that I bring back the ability for rangers and warriors to use some magic items. I'll consider it. I'll take note of some of your other suggestions as well. Thanks a lot!

  6. Hello

    I am running stock Froyo 2.2 so I cant install the game to SD unless it is enabled in the app. I also don't have any control over where the app saves data.

    For other apps that want to use the SD card data or install, normally there is prompt before install that tells you the different permissions the app needs and will set and you can accept it or cancel the install.

    When I install Dweller I get no prompts so I think there must be an easy way for you to set the permissions the app needs?

    Thanks for the great game and fingeres crossed you get it working properly on the N1. :)


  7. Thanks for the update Wes. I have no trouble saving on my HTC Legend (2.1). I'll try the same in the emulator for 2.2 and see if I run into any problems. The save game should be saved along-side the installed game in the folder 'data/data/'

  8. Hello

    Should that folder exist on the SD card (because it doesnt) or on the handset and if on the phone, how can I check to see if it exists?