Friday, July 16, 2010

New graphics for Dweller

hSince the initial release of the Android version of Dweller I have come to realize that the current graphics for Dweller simply wont work on higher resolutions. The 8x8 tiles will not look good when scaled to above twice their size and I need at least 24x24 pixel tiles for high resolution devices.

I decided to make a post on a few pixel artist sites like Pixel Joint and Pixelation. I was surprised by the number of replies I got and the quality of the sample artwork many of the pixel artists sent me. I finally made a decision to work with a really talented US based pixel artist who goes by the handle Oryx. I first saw Oryx work at TIG Source a while back and was struck by the retro style and the crispness and overall coolness of the graphics he makes. I'm happy to be working with him and hope to have a new version with Oryx' graphics ready in a week or two.

Here's a few screendumps from a dev. version of Dweller showing the new graphics:

The guy next to the warrior with the sword is a merchant. In a coming version of Dweller you will be able to buy and sell things to the merchant to get upgrades and means of improving your survivability in the dungeon.


  1. Oryx strikes back! He also made the graphics for CvRL. Looks pretty cool!

  2. Awesome news! Oryx does good work. Currently, on my droid, I have to play dweller in ASCII mode for anything to really be legible.

    Also, to go slightly off topic, on the droid, I can’t look at my inventory in an easy way. Pressing the home button (the default inventory key) just takes me home (i.e., leaves Dweller and goes to the desktop, like it always does). Unfortunately Back, Home, Info, and Search are the only buttons accessible on the Droid without opening the keyboard (except the power and volume buttons), so I would have to assign something on the keyboard to be the inventory key. But this doesn’t work, because opening the keyboard means turning the phone horizontal, which frequently causes Dweller to crash. Even when it doesn’t crash, the horizontal display is messed up (the stats run off the bottom of the screen).

  3. You can always tap the bottom bar to open the main menu and access the inventory from there.

    PS I am aware of crashes when reloading Dweller after changing screen orientation. I will try and solve all these issues before the next release

  4. You should set up some IRC for dweller, it's a cool game, maybe #dweller on freenode?
    I'd really like to help and share my ideas, I know a bit of java, have experience in creating level generators, know quite a bit about game development and play a lot of games(including roguelikes)

  5. I'm not sure about adding yet another channel of communication. I have enough trouble keeping up with e-mails, blog comments and the Usenet/Google Groups posts. If you have ideas about how to imrpove Dweller please feel free to send me an e-mail ( and I'd be glad to discuss things.