Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dweller 1.7.1 released

I finally got around to releasing version 1.7.1 of Dweller. I've had it on my harddrive for a while, but a lot of stuff at work and at home has prevented me from wrapping up the release and providing it to you. Not much has changed, but I hope you enjoy the new version nonetheless!

  • Font anti-alias in J2SE version
  • Added Potion of Clairvoyance
  • Scroll of Recharging
  • Monsters can sometimes spawn from stairs
  • Commands on the action bar that cannot be used (because the correct equipment isn't available) will get greyed out (Android and J2SE)
  • When examining an item not in your inventory the stat difference with an equipped item of the same type will be shown next to the stats
  • Removed teleport ability from Goblin King
  • Added confirmation if trying to start a new game while having an already active game
  • When you attack and miss a target it wakes up
  • You will not get a message about increased health when descending to a new depth if fully healed
  • When gaining a level and the automatic HP increase the current HP was reported instead of the new maximum HP
  • Bag of Monsters had an additional suffix ".. of Good"
  • Some scrolls could be used more than once
  • Adjusted map UI slightly for smaller screens (176x220)
  • A very persistent player managed to get very high stat values and wrap around to negatives. Maximum stat values are now set to 100.


  1. Björn, thanks for upload new version, but...

    I have the same problem with screen layout (even worse).
    Here's screenshot of 1.7.1

    And that is 1.6.1

    I can add more if you need

  2. There is a problem in the J2ME version where the title bar will grow to cover multiple lines inside a sub-category of the inventory, and even if one exit that sub-category the space covered will be left empty, pushing the list down those many lines.

    It seems to be triggered by using a item inside the sub-category and then opening the inventory again. Going to the inventory via the main game menu seems to remove the problem until the next time a item is used.

    also, would it be possible to have some kind of two button combo to display and hide the minimap on J2ME. * followed by # or 0 perhaps.

    Oh, a couple of magic issues. first, magic still do zero damage at times. The message still says that one did damage, but there is no number next to it or floating away from the target. second, when a target moves the crosshair do not move with it but still cycles (#) as if it was on the monster. And on that note, would it be possible to exclude pointless targets (self or items from damage spells for instance) from the cycle?

  3. @John: I've done quite a bit of work now to get Dweller playable again on low-res screens. I'll try to release something during the weekend. I've changed so that the titlebar never can be higher than one line of text, and I crop the text instead. It will be in the next release.

    I'll look into two button combos for commands, but it might be tricky.

    I'll also have a look at the other issues you reported. Thanks!

  4. I think that monster respawn is too fast. Now they are almost infinite even at the surface.

  5. S-28, yes, you are probably right. I'll adjust the respawn rate for the next release.