Thursday, March 10, 2011

Swarmed by monsters? 1.7.4 will lessen your burden!

As a lot of players have pointed out, the stair respawn frequency was too high. I've decided to reduce the frequency, but I'm not sure yet if it is enough. Please send me some feedback on the spawn frequency in this new version.


  • Reduced spawn rate
  • Stair respawns will no longer happen when on the surface
  • Killing the Goblin King gives an additional scoring bonus when the game is finished


  • Swedish translation was corrupt


  1. (Anonymous commenter from the last post here)
    Thanks a bundle! The wife's game is now working perfectly.

  2. Just an additional bit of feedback, while the surface map was fine, you may have been correct that the frequency may not be reduced quite enough yet, as swarms are still somewhat too troublesome in the dungeons. Just our opinion, though, so maybe others will throw their two cents in. :)

  3. Thanks. With the short release round-trip I haven't had a chance to play-test enough to judge if the change was sufficient enough. I might adjust it more once I've played more.

  4. would it be possible to have a version that disables the Goblin king enterly?

    Or, allows you to continue to explore after you kill the King?

    I consider dweller almost perfect, I just looking for a infinate exploring dungeon of fun.

  5. I liked 1.7.4, it seems more playable than previous versions,because you decreased monster's spawn rate. Thanks. But it is very buggy now:
    -2 spiders appeared in adjacent cells "from the air". Is it normal?
    -Troll doesn't response on range attacks sometimes
    -got message "trap triggered" although there was not a trap
    -trap with chest hadn't hit me. I couldn't disarm it.And it disappeared after i pressed "5", but nothing happened ("trap triggered")
    -Error after using Potion of Clairvoyance ("Exception in main loop" "java.lang.nullpointerexception")

  6. There's still problems with the stair spawn code. Instead of spawning a single monster it will spawn a "pack" of monsters for those monsters that usually are encountered in a group. I will try to fix this and release a new version today.