Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Where did all the Scrolls of Recall go?

As some of you already pointed out the merchant stopped selling Scrolls of Recall. I've had a word with him and he has promised to keep them in stock for any adventurers that may stop by.

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  1. Hi! My wife and I love Dweller, but recently when she opens it on her computer, she can't so much as get into the first level of the dungeon without being insurmountably swarmed by slimes/skeletons/vampire bats/sewer rats on the outside map. Is this a result of stairs now being a spawn point for monsters, perhaps? The (non-updated) version on my cell phone still behaves properly, as does the most recent version if I open it on my PC, but no matter how many times she deletes all things Dweller-related and re-downloads, the same monster-tastic problem occurs. Any ideas?