Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dweller 1.7.2 - I still love small screens!

I've received complaints that newer versions of Dweller are hard to play on low resolution screens (eg 176x220). In this release I've tried to really improve how the game plays on a low resolution screens. I've also made a few minor fixes and changes. Enjoy!


  • When examining an item in your own inventory it will be compared with your equipped item


  • Improved layout on really small screens (176x220)
  • Harmonized font size throughout the game


  • Double height title box


  1. Well, are you waiting for reports? Yeah, the screen layout is fine. It was clever decision. What is bad:

    :( there are too much monsters spawn on the floor. It was good if it was shooter. I think the game must me more smarter, not diablo-like style
    :( where are scrolls of recall?? Did you replaced it by scrolls of recharging? I cant understand
    :( Book of Charm. Are you kidding? It is better make book of Instant Winning
    :( It is still disbalanced. I dont know is it bug or feature, but playing by wizard much more easy

    -add winning conditions in highscore (i.e. Killed Goblin King or not)

  2. John, thanks for the report. Scrolls of Recall are now back in stock again!

    I'll look into your other comments and get back to you later. They all seem like very valid suggestions and comments.

  3. Hi Björn,

    I discovered this game recently on getjar.com and really addicted to it.

    I do have a small gripe. I play on a Sony Ericsson k810i which has a small screen (240 x 320 pixels) and I can't read all the text in some of the menu screens.
    When using the down button to scroll the text, the next option is selected and brought into full focus.
    It means I can't see the whole explanation for the character classes and the profile upgrades.

    I've got version 1.7.4

    Also, is the source hosted on google code?
    I tried checking it out but it didn't look complete to me (e.g. no graphics).
    the url I found was http://code.google.com/p/dweller/

    Thanks for all your hard work, though my wife doesn't appreciate it as much ;)

  4. Qazzian, there is a new version out with menus that should behave better on small screens. Let me know if things have improved.

    As you pointed out the stuff on google code is incomplete and outdated. I should remove it...