Friday, January 28, 2011

The Wizard is happy again!

So it seems like I broke Wizards in the latest release. A late change as to how it is determined what items can by used by what player classes caused the mess. Version 1.6.1 is available for download from the usual place.


  1. Ok. let is begin
    -what's mean "magic: -2(+1)"
    -what's mean "attack speed"
    -what difference between "infected" and "poisonous"

    -please make hotkey for minimap, please

    Text mistake "You become POSIONED"

  2. The Wizard still is easiest class to play. I won only by upgrading and using magic (charred book of fire) without using any staff or armors (actually i sold almost every item). Total:
    Attack 10
    Defence 16
    Magic 32
    Speed 10
    HP 30

    Elven boots
    Wizard hat
    Fine prismatic band
    Charred book of fire
    over $34000

    It possible to use Scroll of Healing numerous times.

  3. -what's mean "magic: -2(+1)"

    This means that the item modifies the user's Magic stat by -2. The +1 indicates that it is enchanted and that it is 1 point better than an unenchanted item (which would have had -3)

    -what's mean "attack speed"

    This is the amount of time it takes to attack with the weapon compared to a weapon of average speed. For instance, a dagger has an attack speed of 60%. This means that you can make three attacks with a dagger in the same time as you could do two attacks with a weapon with attack speed 100%. A weapon with an attack speed of 150% is 50% slower than a weapon of average speed. Attack speed, combined with your own speed determines how often you can attack.

    -what difference between "infected" and "poisonous"

    Almost none at the moment. Infection/disease will be removed in a coming version.

  4. Is it normal that the new directional pad is visible on non-touchscreen handsets? It was just fine in 1.5.1, not sure about 1.6.0...?

  5. Nope, that is not normal. What handset are you using?

  6. BlackBerry Curve 8520. That would be great if there was a solution!

  7. Possible bugs:

    -When you level up you get message 'Select stat to increase'. Ok, choose 'Attack 16->17'. Actually my attack changes from 23 to 24. I didnt check other stats but think there is such problem.
    -I cast Wand of Fire on Wraith. Get message 'Flames damage the Wraith', but hp is not changed

    Some ideas:
    -Add Scroll of Charging to charge empty wands
    -There are too much monsters on lower levels. It seems they appear from the air! I spend thousands of money to buy potions of healing. But Goblin King is worse. I spend 30min to find him.Idiotism! He is like a big chicken.
    I think scroll/wand of Monster detection will be a good idea.

  8. Some additions:
    -Its not possible to disarm trap with item.
    -The good idea to write "You out of ammo" instead of nothing or error message.

  9. Is it possible to heal stat drain? I'm basically down to 4 speed, and that's all from item enchantments.

  10. Nope, make sure to not go into hand to hand combat with monsters that drain stats from you (hard as a warrior). Try to find items that provide magic resistance. Enchanting items may add magic resistance as well.

    If you haven't come across any such items it may be a sign for me to increase the drop rate :-)