Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dweller 1.6.0 released!

I'm happy to announce (after way to many broken promises of new releases) that Dweller 1.6.0 finally has been released. The new version contain quite a few new features, changes and fixes and I'm pretty damn sure I've introduced some new bugs as well. If you find any problems with the release please report them here or directly via e-mail. Enjoy!


  • Directional pad for touchscreen handsets in landscape mode
  • You can now toggle minimap on/off via main menu (which makes minimap accessible to non-touchscreen players)
  • Magic bolt effect when casting spells
  • Added some more information to the Examine screen
  • Android icon
  • Added an Unequipped category to the inventory
  • Wielding a shield gives you an extra chance to avoid incoming melee damage
  • Added items which grant resistance to stat drain (slow, drain etc)
  • Added feedback when the targeted monster tries to cast spells


  • Items can have more than one magic effect
  • Monsters can now cast more than one spell
  • When you push a stone and it swaps places with a sleeping monster the monster will now wake up
  • Minor changes to the English copy
  • Ranger and Warrior can now use magic items (wands but not books)
  • Scrolls of Enchant can now sometimes add a random effect in addition to stat enchants
  • You are no longer returned to movement mode after using a ranged attack
  • XP is now shown as relative XP instead of absolute, ie. "XP this level"/"XP needed to reach next level"
  • The slow attack now always reduce speed by 1 and adds a temporary stun instead of a variable speed loss
  • Adjusted XP required each level to make the XP curve a bit steeper
  • Adjusted damage code to get rid of really high hits


  • You are now properly returned to the item menu after examining an item at the merchant
  • The target unit frame is cleared when leaving a level
  • Picking up an item that makes you reach the carrying capacity cap is now possible
  • Potions of healing now properly report amount of HP gained
  • Stat gain options when gaining a new character level were not always calculated correctly
  • Incorrect message when knocking back an opponent
  • You can no longer be slowed down to negative speed by monsters with slowing attacks


  1. Great thanks! I thought you forgot about us. Its joke ;)
    I have a problem on my SE. The screen resolution is 176*220, so i cant see the char stats ((, becose it moved left (sorry for english). Is it possible to solve this problem?

  2. @johnbrown: I'll see what I can do with the screen layout for smaller screens.