Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dweller 1.12 released

I released a new version of Dweller today. The new version contains some pretty big changes that will pave the way for more variety and things to do. The new version contains a quest system and an improved system for dungeon creation that allows for themed side-branches of the dungeon. Read more about all this in the previous post here. The game is available from all the usual sources: Android Market, J2ME and J2SE. Enjoy!


  • Quest system with the Goblin King and a few starting quests (more to come!)
  • World generation has been improved and the dungeon will now be kept thematically intact with optional side-branches (not done yet)
  • A couple of new map tiles for the dungeon (one with a static light source)
  • The minimap visibility is remembered between sessions
  • Added descriptions to some potions
  •  Added two unique items
  • Monsters start in an idle state. It is first when they notice the player that the start to attack


  • Item info for items in the inventory is shown in the item menu instead of after selecting Examine (except on small screens)
  • When examining an item of the same type that you are already equipping the stat values of the equipped item will be shown next to the examined item's stats


  • Help popups weren't always shown when they should be
  • Scrolls of Enchant could fail and still mention that the item starts to glow 


  1. Why game (new version) dont work on nokia 2730c?

  2. @Anonymous: Does the application start and close or doesn't anything at all happen? Please provide a bit more information. Did you uninstall a previous version first or did you install on top of another version?

  3. Wow! After long timeout i am back to game. What to say? Looks brilliance especially interface. The game become more complex and it is good. You done good work!
    I noticed some bugs in game. Here they are:
    - When you drink healing potion the adjacent monster is healing up too. Very unpleasantle.
    - When you cast spell on sleeping monster (or how they called with 'dot' above?) and damage it it still 'sleep'.
    - Cant use healing wand (can just only equip)
    - Tried change keyboard layout and coudnt exit to menu. Please make certain keys unchangeable.
    - Hidden door appears only after i pass through it many times. Strange.

    Some questions/ideas:
    - Do you plan make random quests?
    - Will be great if in 'Library' you can find books or scrolls.

  4. Dear developer application dont want to ran, their (mobile) think dweller.jar its not java app. Sorry for my bad english :)

  5. '- When you drink healing potion the adjacent monster is healing up too. Very unpleasantle.'
    Sorry, it seems i mistaked. Thets all right with healing potion, but monsters health bar doesnt display properly.

    There is also some kind of memory leaks or something. If you are not doing anything for some minutes the game starts lagging. Restart helps.
    I use the same cellphone SE k530i.

  6. Will we have random quests in the future?

  7. Items with a lot of stats cannot be used.
    The scroll bar is available only for the menu (use, drop, etc). On my Xperia arc, the description of artifact take all the screen and the menu is outside the screen.
    Btw cool update B-) luv the bETA quest system

  8. Last few J2ME versions not runned on my Nokia X3-00. It print "It is unsupported application."

  9. Ha-ha-ha! Start new game, come to shopkeeper to look the goods and see... What do you think? The Crown of the Goblin King. 120k. Nice offer! Maybe next time i will find The Head of the Goblin King, who knows.

  10. No, there will most likely not be random quests, but there will be many different quests, and all quests will not be available in each game.

    @Anonymous: Please contact me via e-mail. I would like to help you to get the game running on your phone.

    @Johnbrown: Ouch, it should not be possible to find the Goblin King crown at the merchant. That's a bug. Thanks for letting me know!

    Monsters with a dot above them are idle, i.e. they haven't noticed you yet. They will activate properly in the next version. The library will also provide actual books in the next version, not just pretty graphics :-)