Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dweller 1.13.1

I released a bug fix version to address some recently introduced bugs. I have also streamlined the release process into a pretty smooth one line command to build all three versions of the game and prepare them for deployment to Android Market and the website.

  • On J2ME devices the messages will now be drawn without a background color to make more of the map visible

  • The problem with double quests in quest giver lists has been solved
  • Quest givers standing on a tree gave a weird error message66
  • Quests and item info could sometimes end up being to high and blocking actual menu choices. These areas of text are now scrollable
  • On Android any text with shadow was rendering the shadow as white
  The game is available from all the usual sources: Android MarketJ2ME and J2SE. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks.
    I just found another bug in 1.13.0 - when my XP was near next level I was trying to finish quest => I leveled up (no xp was added, I mean level up screen pop up, I can choose stat to increase, HP increased but no xp added, my lvl not changed), then I have still an option to finish quest (it didn't disappear), so I do it again and again and sometimes (~5tries) I leveled up again (with the same effects as before).

  2. Some bug reports:

    1) Is it on purpose that slow effects are permanent now? My 1.13.1 warrior is down to base speed 3 now, without load or item effects.

    2) Items in the shop display the description twice when looking at them in the shop inventory.

    3) Standing on a chest and opening it now prints "standing on a chest" instead of the item which was in the chest. To see the actual item in the message log, one has to step off the chest and step on it again.

    4) The show/define keys screen does not allow to clear a key. If one has accidentally defined a key on something, it is impossible to clear the key again without resetting all of the key config.

    Finally, a suggestion: Wouldn't it be great to open-source Dweller on e.g. I'd love to be able to fix such little bugs myself and submit a patch back to you...

  3. Oops, forgot one:

    5) It is not possible anymore to move from the top entry in a list to the bottom entry by pressing up (and vice versa from a bottom entry to the top entry by pressing down). It would be great to allow that again. Or maybe even add page-up/page-down by pressing left/right to allow for faster navigation through large inventories.

    Despite the little bugs, I really love Dweller, keep up the good work on this outstanding jewel of a very playable roguelike!

  4. Hi! Thanks for a great game :) I play it on HTC Hero, Android 2.1 and found it very slow - it's playable but sloooow / it doesn't look complicated or very resources hungry - can you look at it, maybe just few tweaks and you will give wings to it :)

    Maybe you can contact with author of Legends of Yore - this game also was very laggy on my phone some time ago, but he found a way to speed it up.

    Again :) thanks for great game!

  5. I just discovered your game dweller, and it sounds a great i installed it on my samsung b2100 explorer, but i cannot go after the selection of the language.. after that point, the game refuses to continue and the only option is to exit.any idea why?thanks a lot.Danilo

  6. I found a really crazy bug. If you push a moveable block past a staircase it moves the location of the staircase. When you try to use that staircase it throws some sort of null error. My save file got wiped after that.

  7. Found another NULL pointer exception when stepping on a trapdoor on the goblin king floor.

  8. Thank you all of you who have submitted bug reports. This will keep me busy during the x-mas holidays :-)

  9. I've fixed the pushable stones on stairs bug, the wrap around in menues and the double item descriptions when browsing merchant items.

    I have NOT been able to reproduce the trapdoor on Goblin King level. Has this happened more than once?

  10. Really great you have fixed these bugs.. sadly the new nersion 1.13.2 still refuses to run on my samsung explorer b2100 (it freeze right after the language selection at the beginning of the game). Is there anything that can be done? It would be really a pity for me to give up on such cool game.

  11. @Danilo: I'm guessing that it's a memory issue, but I'm really not sure. Does older versions of Dweller run on your handset ? There seems to be an increase of problems on J2ME devices. I could do a bit more debugging and possibly send you a special version with debugging enabled. Please try some older versions and let me know how it goes. Try v 1.9.0 and work yourself backwards from there.