Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dweller 1.13.2

This is a bugfix release that addresses some recently introduced bugs. I have also experimented with buttons/triggers on the floor that activate nearby traps such as a dart trap. It needs a bit more testing before I can release it, but I think it will be a good trap addition.

  • The quickslot help message will not be shown if you have switched of help messages in the settings
  • Menu item height increased on touchscreen devices to reduce risk of misclicks 
  • Double item descriptions when browsing merchant goods
  • Pushable stones could be pushed on top of stairs and swap position with the stairs and cause a crash when the stairs were used
  • It is now possible to wrap around in menues again
The game is available from all the usual sources: Android MarketJ2ME and J2SE. Enjoy!


  1. now they
    Are sometimes not pushable at all, and gets blocked by things like chests

  2. Hello. I wanted to say that I really enjoy this game, but after several attempts I give up... 3\10 of times my game ended because I got killed, that's okay. But in 7\10 times I had to restart game simply because I fell down to level 4 (for example) and there was no way out - all exits were blocked with 'pushable' blocks which did't budge at all (were blocked by chests of stairs). Once I coundn't move forward to level 2, I was at lvl 1 forever and couldn't do anything... *sigh*

  3. There's a game breaking issue with pushable stones in the most recent version of Dweller which has forced me to temporarily pull it from the Android Market. I'm away on vacation two more days and I won't be able to upload a fix until then. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. Hi, the game is cool but very slow (android 2.1, htc hero).

    I killed Goblin King and nothing happens - is it ok? On the last level I found "floor trap" that kills enemies and throws exception when I walk on it. Slowing down by wrath is permanent! It's like level down with each hit!

  5. I have tested the goblin king quite extensively but obviously there's still some problems with the new quest system. I will investigate this further. Which class did you play and how did you kill the king? I will also change the way slowing works so it's equivalent to poison etc. It will be possible to cleanse slowing effects.

  6. I've played the Warrior. First time I reached Goblin King level with trap door (landed in treasure room :) Then used a recall scroll to back on the ground (without killing Goblin) I've killed it some time later. Quest disappear from list but nothing more happens. I'm still playing this character and after update I spot new things:
    * forest level is dark - "fog of war" is active
    * looks like I'm permanently under "magic attack" -> when I'm moving I see purple cloud and "You resist" message (without any monsters around, on every level inc. Forest) (cleanse didn't help)