Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dweller 1.13.0

Dweller has reached version 1.13.0. The new version adds among other things a new quest, improvements to the key bindings and a max range for bows. Full change log:

  • Graphics for triggered traps
  • You can now bump into bookshelves to get a random book
  • Added key bindings for all quickslots
  • Added one new quest with a unique reward
  • The cursor in targeting mode shows if you're targeting with a bow or wand

  • Added a max range to missile weapons
  • Item stats are only shown at the top of the item menu on large screen devices

  • Items that aren't supposed to be generated could end up in the merchant inventory
  • It was possible to completely mess up the key configuration on J2ME devices
 The game is available from all the usual sources: Android MarketJ2ME and J2SE. Enjoy!


  1. some j2me issues:

    1. no more damage and xp floating numbers. Not sure if it can be related to the look, book, wand text being above the crosshair or not. Maybe put said text below the crosshair?

    2. opening chests just gives another "standing on chest" message, so i have to step off the chest to see what was inside it.

    and i am getting a unknown file type when trying to download the .jad on my SonyEricsson C702.

  2. On my nokia 2710 (s40 v5) game dont launch, help. Ver. 1.9.0 launch good.

  3. @digi_owl and Belio: I'd very much like to get to the bottom of the J2ME download problems. I'll give it my full attention this weekend. Could I by any chance get in touch with one of you directly (e-mail)?

  4. @digi_owl and Belio: How did you install Dweller on your J2ME device? Did you download to desktop and transfer the file via USB or did you install over the air?

    Could you please try to install an older version again? Perhaps 1.9.0 as that seemed to work for Belio.

    I'm beginning to suspect that something has changed on the webserver and that it doesn't send the correct MIME type for the JAD file.

  5. Ritzl thanks. My e-mail:

  6. On j2me I noticed following issues:
    1) some tree tiles in the forest are considered locked doors, so sometimes I get message that I failed to bash the door open, when I try to attack rats or talk to merchant.
    2) tiles at the border of the screen aren't shown(I use large icons)

    Some thought on the interface:
    1) Maybe it is possible to make icons and tiles scale different options? So it is possible to have small tiles but large icons.
    2) Make message box at the top transparent, so it doesn't hide big part of the screen. Or make it somehow resizeable.

    Thanks again for the good game and for reading my post.

  7. Some more issues:
    1) Quests are repeated several times in the list(not sure if it is true for all quests).
    2) In landscape mode there is sometimes not enough space to show all of the characteristics and buttons.Maybe you can make whole screen scrollable and not only the buttons. The same goes with the quests - the text sometimes doesn't fit on the screen.

  8. I released a new version that has solved most (all?) of the reported issues. Please give it a try and let me know what you think.