Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dweller - new version soon!

I've put in quite a few hours of Dweller development these last two weeks and I hope to be able to release a new version within a few days. I've written a framework to handle quests and I've moved the Goblin King quest to the new framework. I've also started adding some minor side quests that will give you some extra gold and experience and some useful items should you care to pick those quests up. I do not intend for Dweller to be quest driven, but I do think that a few side quests will enhance the game.

I've also done work on how the level files are defined and made it easier for me to control the depth, the themes and how the dungeon will branch out. Now there's full support for actual dungeon branches, much like in Crawl. I've always found the random per level theme (sewer, cave and dungeon) in Dweller a bit odd. I would much rather prefer to have a series of levels using the same theme. In the next version there will be only one theme, the dungeon. I do not want to delay the release more so I decided to throw out the caves and sewers for now. They will come back really soon, but more along the lines of fully designed side branches. The new system also allowed me to add a custom level for The Halls of the Goblin King and I can imagine branch end levels such as Lair of the Spider Queen and Crypt of the Arch Lich and similar.

If you didn't know it already it is possible to donate some money to support the development of Dweller. One player did so recently and he was, as will all future donors, rewarded with a unique in-game item of his choice. So, in the next version you will be able to find The Horned Helm of Yngar The Wise, with custom graphics and all.

Stay tuned for a new release in a few days!


  1. Sounds like a very interesting update.

    Keep up the great work, Bjorn!

  2. Those sound like some good developments. I look forward to playing the new version!