Friday, November 11, 2011

Serious Sam - The Random Encounter

When I first saw the video of Serious Sam The Random Encounter on Steam I thought "jesus christ, a cool co-op side scrolling shooter with some RPG elements", but when I read further I realized that this is a turn based game. Yet, the video seems to indicate other wise. Has anyone bought it and care to share some insights? I guess I'll have to buy it and check myself...


  1. Fun Ideas, Lot of humour and parodies.
    Very short game.
    But the gameplay is really fun, and it's Cheap.

  2. But how does it work? Is it turn based in some way or is it as in the video a side scrolling shooter?

  3. I got it. Looks very good and has very fun retro graphics. It's a nice twist that it is a backwards running shmup, with random encounters by the looks of it. BUT while you play the shmup you'll be interrupted by a menu choice for changing weapons and stuff. This kills all flow every 3-5 seconds or so. Completely broken IMO. At least that is my experience from jumping right in without reading and only playing the first few levels before quitting because of said brokeness.

    The idea of enemies trying to catch up with you instead of coming towards you is an improvement on the trad shmup, but with the interruptions... no fun.

  4. Gah, that's what I was worried about. I won't get it then...