Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dweller 1.11.4 - fixes, fixes, fixes...

Time for yet another batch of fixes for the 1.11 release. I think I've managed to solve the last issues related to the recent changes made to the user interface. I also managed to fix a few quirks and minor bugs that will increase playability. Give the new version a try and let me know what you think!


  • The stats of missile weapons and ammo wasn't shown on the Examine screen. Since the stats are important to determine attack effiency they have been added.
  • Going back from the buy/sell menu brings you to the inventory category you came from and not to the start of the inventory
  • The character menu button will show the correct character class and not always the warrior


  • Your carried gold is now properly displayed when buying/selling items
  • The map wasn't properly centered (it was off by one both horizontally and vertically)
  • Cursor movement using mouse/touch wasn't working as expected
  • You can now disarm a trap even if there's an item on the same cell
  • The message box at the top of the screen started to scroll after scrolling on the map
  • Sometimes the width of menu items were too long and didn't wrap properly causing text to go off the screen
  • Your gold will not show up in the inventory when selling to a merchant
  • The desktop version didn't redraw the screen after being brought back from a minimized state
  • Scrolls of Enchant were broken


  1. Awesome! You made some really important bugfixes, I'll get the new version on my mobile right away.


  2. Thanks for the update!
    You've done a great job on the merchant menu, it's much more intuitive now.
    There's still one thing that I think could be improved about it though.
    It would be nice if going back from the buying or selling menu took you back to the root of the merchant menu instead of closing the whole menu.
    It would mean one more keypress if you only want to buy or sell, but it would seem more intuitive especially when you've just come out of the dungeon and want to sell loot AND buy scroll of recall, etc.

    My old issue of the splash screen clearing popups (such as menus and the map) still needs fixing.

    You've done well with the quickslots key, glad to see it named cleanly now. One thing that might be nice for the quickslots is to be able to manage them via keyboard too.
    For example, I hit Q to pop the quickslots open, then use left and right to select the slot I want and hit the use key to activate it. Long-pressing the use key would allow me to reassign it, same as long-pressing it on the touchscreen.

    It doesn't look like you've done anything to address my issue with targeting mode. There still isn't any indication of what I'm targeting with.
    A good way to deal with this would be to put the object's name into the targeting text, so instead of "Rat (Hostile). Target?" it could say "Rat (Hostile). Target with Charred book of Fire?", or "Rat (Hostile). Target with Bow?", or "Rat (Hostile). Target with Rod of Teleport?".
    If the item names were not feasible, then perhaps just the item type, like Bow, Rod/Wand, Scroll, or Book.

    I saw a feature request in the comments on the android market, someone wanted a Rest function. After thinking a bit about it, I think it would be a good addition.
    You could make it so that skipping a turn by hitting the use key healed you for 1hp, or had a certain percentage chance of healing you for 1hp. That way you could restore your health without having to use potions or go to the surface, but it would be balanced by it being slow and having to find a safe place to do it so the monsters didn't attack you. Obviously you'd need to do something to stop the healer going out of business. Maybe disable resting outside the dungeon.

    If you implemented resting with the percentage chance of healing, then you could create items that increased the percentage or the amount of hp healed on success.
    Items such as sleeping bag, tent, pillow, etc. Probably best if they worked just by being in your inventory, or by equiping them.

    On my current mage character I've just found a Book of Charms. It's nice to finally have a second spellbook (I rarely find any, and when I do they're often the same as the one you start with), but I think it may be a bit over powered. Charm seems to work first time on any enemy I try to cast it on and once they're charmed they don't seem to come un-charmed either, so I can just charm them and then slaughter them with no risk.
    It would probably be more balanced if charm could be resisted, and if it wore off in a few turns, or when you attack the charmed monster.

    Anyway, thanks again for the quick updates, I'm quickly running out of bugs to report now. Keep up the good work!

  3. @spiritofcat: The latest version solves the targeting problem by adding a small text above the cursor to indicate what item you are currently targeting with.

    The quickslots have also been improved a bit. You can now assign keys to each of the 10 quickslots. I'll probably add d-pad navigation as well in a future version.