Thursday, January 12, 2012

Finding the right issue tracker

I'm receiving more and more feedback via e-mail from players (both bugs and feature requests) and I've come to realize that I need to find a tool that can help me keep track of things. During the last couple of days I've tested a multitude of different bug and issue tracking systems and it's damn hard to find something that gets the job done without too much hassle. These are my requirements:

  • It must be a web based tool
  • It must be a hosted tool. I do not wish to install the tool on a web server of my own.
  • It shouldn't have a ton of settings and configuration options. It should be sleek and ready to go in minutes.
  • It should offer a free account (although I would possibly be willing to pay a small amount per month)
  • It should provide anonymous users with read only access to bugs
  • It is a bonus if anonymous users can add new bugs
  • It is a bonus if the tool allows login using Open ID, Facebook or Google
The ones that I've tried that are still on my shortlist are LighthouseApp, FogBugz, YouTrack, Trakr and possibly also PivotalTracker. Does anyone else have a suggestion for an issue tracker?



    Dont know abou alal in your list, but its free and works wonders in Crawl

  2. Could you use google code?

  3. Mantis needs to be installed on a web server. As far as I know it isn't hosted and offered for free or for a small fee.

    Google Code requires the project to be open source and I currently don't plan to open source Dweller.

  4. has a neatly git-integrated issue tracker. Private repositories are not free, however. Very unfortunate, that you do not plan to open source Dweller...

  5. You could perhaps open source some part where you need help... Like the language files?

  6. I decided to go for LighthouseApp ( for issue tracking and I started using myGengo Strings ( to handle a distributed translation effort.

  7. Hello,
    Speaking about issue tracking software solutions I would recommend you Comindware Tracker ( I’ve started using it not so long ago. It has met with my requirements: flexible, functional, fast, interactive, simple, user-friendly and reasonably priced. So, hope it will be as useful for you as for me.
    Best regards!!!