Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dweller 1.15.0

It's time for the second Dweller release of the year. Most of the issues reported since the last release should now be solved. I've also had time to add a second level to the maze.

The game is available from all the usual sources: Android MarketJ2ME and J2SE. Enjoy!

  • The Healer now offers to cleanse Slowing effects
  • Added a second level to the maze
  • The healer now offer different strengths on the heals
  • The merchant will stock up on basic inventory faster
  • Extinguished braziers can be lit again by bumping in to them
  • Removed the double (and triple) healing message when using items that provide healing
  • Wraith slowing triggered the purple spell animation on each move
  • Graphical glitch when using a Wand of Mapping in the forest
  • There was a problem with magic resistance not working as it should


  1. Great that you fixed the purple cloud issue.

    Another bug: I'm playing 1.14 and hit a very nice bug which gave me 100/100 HP and something like attack 65 before I got bored with clicking "complete the rat quest". Somehow the quest code never realized that I already had completed the quest. After a long trip into the dungeon the merchant finally realized his mistake.

  2. I think we should translate Dweller. I can help you to translate it into French. You can open a translation server to coordinate the work of translators with the same system of Launchpad or Unknown Horizons pootle server.

  3. @anonymous: If you are serious about translating Dweller please drop me a line (bjorn dot ritzl at gmail dot com). I moved the language resources to an online translation tool and I'm ready to accept offers to translate the game.

  4. My friend, who made me discovered to Dweller, has already proposed you is help and I can also help you for translate in French. Otherwise, I find that they can not close the trap is sometimes annoying.

    PS: Sorry for my english errors but I'm French

  5. Flo, I have approved your request to start translating Dweller to French. You should have received an e-mail with an invite to the translation tool. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you need me to explain where a specific language key is used.

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  7. Ok thank you. I have two friends who also want to help you to translate. The first is "Bubus". He will contact you as soon as possible ;)

  8. The last two times I defeated Goblin King with the ranger (last version build and new version build) he has not dropped his crown and the merchant has not acknowledged it in anyway; though, my kill tracker has him listed there and received exp pts for it.

  9. Hello!

    This goblin king is really, really hard to kill. (I couldn't with my ranger, but next time I'm going to be more patient.)
    I found meanwhile the following bugs:
    - The potion of change still says that I got "+-1" instead of simple "-1" (without the plus-sign), when I lost an attribute.
    - the Cleanse from the priest says "Nothing happens" even if I was slowed down and it cleaned it.
    - On the High score it says "The Dungeon" after every level instead of the level number. (
    - The torches' light works weird, I posted an example (look at the 4th cell over the left rat, that's right from the 4th torch). ( )

    - The friendly monsters' AI should be better (attack, move smarter...)
    - The enemy should be a better smarter, because if they don't see me (I'm too far from them) but they are next to a torch, I can shoot them, and they don't notice me. Or if a troll pushes me into a sleeping monster, it won't wake up.

    Interesting thing:
    After I used one of my bag of monsters, I got a rat-friend. I played a bit with the swap-places thing. Once the rat wanted to move left, and I wanted to move right, so after all we stayed on our original place. (And if I don't move away to the north, he wouldn't change his mind either.)
    The next time I went to the shopkeeper, and after I talked to him, the rat pushed me away. It was funny after all.
    (And I love that my monster-friends stay there. Next time I'll summon a bunch of monsters in the forest, but as a warrior, I couldn't kill them if anything would go wrong.)

    After I killed the Goblin King and talked with the questgiver, I got the win-message. But it was so demotivational to see the "You feel slowed down" messages. :(
    ( )
    (This isn't a bug, but anyway...)

  10. As always and excellent bug report. If possible, please report bugs here next time:

    I've started adding your reported issues here: