Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dweller passed 10k active Android installs!

Today when I uploaded version 1.10.6 of Dweller to the Android Market I noticed in the statistics a significant increase in the number of installed games. The number of active installs went from around 8k to 10k. The total number of Android installs is 35000 so it's almost one third of the users who decide to keep the game installed!


  1. I'm certainly loving it :)
    Could you make it to where when you level up it pauses or makes you confirm your choice so you don't accidently make a selection? On more than one occasion I have been plowing though a hallway as a warrior and *ding* I just increased my magic :(

  2. I'll try to figure something out to prevent accidental keypress selection on the level up screen.

  3. I'm one of your new users for version 1.10.6 I just downloaded it the other day and I'm loving it!

    I have a few bug reports and suggestions for you.
    If it's of any relevance I'm playing it on an HTC Desire Z running Android 2.3.3

    * If I bump the merchant or the healer to bring up their menu, and then hit the center button without first hitting down the highlight an option it causes an error message as soon as I hit another button.
    Exception in main loop
    After hitting back to clear the error message from the screen the menu remains on the screen until I quit the game.
    I think you could fix this by automatically highlighting the first option in the menu as soon as you display the menu.
    That would also make it quicker to get healed. I'd only have to press Down, Enter over and over instead of Down, Down, Enter.

    * When I change the orientation of my phone, or put it to sleep and wake it up again, the Dweller splash screen appears. While I don't think that's a bug in itself, the bug is that if there was a menu on the screen before the splash screen came up, it's gone after you clear the splash screen by hitting a button or the touchscreen.
    Normally that doesn't really matter, but one time I put my phone to sleep just after I'd leveld up while I was was still deciding what stat to improve. When I woke my phone and cleared the splash screen the menu was gone and I don't know if the game chose an option for me or just completely skipped giving me a stat increase.

    * My phone has a full qwerty keyboard, and my fingers are pretty big so I prefer using physical keys to play rather than using the touchscreen.
    For the most part the options you've given for setting keys is great, but it seems that there isn't the option to set a key for the quickslots. Is the touchscreen icon the only way to interact with the quickslots? Playing as a mage with a couple of spell books I like to switch between it's a pain to have to use the touchscreen for this while I can use the keyboard for everything else.

    * The icon that opens the character information screen seems to always show the head of the warrior. Even when playing as a ranger or mage. I think it would be more natural for the icon to match the class that you're playing as.