Monday, September 19, 2011

Dweller 1.10.0 ARRP release

Well, I guess I missed the ARRP by an hour or so, but at least I managed to release a new version of Dweller. A lot of work has been done to rewrite and improve the UI. There's still a long way to go, but now I have a much more extensible system that will be easier to build on.


  • The J2ME version now require CLDC 1.1 support (was CLDC 1.0)


  • A lot of changes have been done to the user interface, but there is much more to come!
  • Your current position on the minimap will blink to make it easier to find
  • It is now possible to bind a key to show/hide the minimap
  • "Tip of the day" will be shown on the loading screen
  • Quickslots for easy item access


  • Changed the fireball cast animation
  • The minimap will be smaller on large screens and always positioned in the top left corner
  • Undead are immune to poison attacks
  • Poison has now become more lethal as it ticks for damage each turn unless resisted
  • D-pad is now semi transparent to not cover vital things on the map


  • Trader and healer names were always the same after a clean installation of the game
  • Improved message feedback when trying to equip an illegal combo of items
  • It is no longer possible for the player character to be charmed/pacified by a dark wizard
  • Trap doors will not be generated at the bottom of the dungeon (nothing happened when you fell through)

320x480 Overworld

32x480 Inventory

320x480 Dungeon


  1. Can you upload an older version through PC??

  2. FOr what platform? Android, J2ME or PC (Java SE)

  3. J2ME version still indicated 1.9.1 as version number? :(. Also are you planning to add any new classes to the game?are you planning to add any new classes to the game?

  4. Thanks Speedfx. I'm uploading files with the correct version number now.