Saturday, September 17, 2011

ARRP mayhem, need more time!

I've been coding more or less all day to get Dweller ready for the Annual Roguelike Release Party tomorrow and ran into a snag a few hours ago. The J2ME version refuses to run, failing with a ClassFormatError! Gah! It was a while since I tried the J2ME version and I really have no idea what is causing this. I've decided to do a clean install of the tools (and in the process upgrade to Eclipse Indigo) and giver it another go since it could be a preverification problem. The J2ME tools were a bit dodgy on my previous installation since I was running the 64-bit version of Eclipse Helios, and some of the wireless toolkits weren't compatible.

Hopefully I'll be back on track now and still have a chance to make a proper delivery. I've got some good music, tea, a nice whiskey and some candy so there's a good chance of success. Here we go!


  1. Best wishes, and don't forget the time-lag! On the most of the world (or just say: Earth), there is still ARRP-day! :)

  2. Thanks for the encouraging word. I failed to release in time according to my own time-zone, but it doesn't matter much. I finally got a new version out and I did a lot of ground-work for a continued overhaul of the UI. I now also have a bit more time to add actual content as well.