Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dweller 1.10.5

I had to do yet another release. It may seem silly to release as often as I have, but I believe that it's better to release incremental fixes and make the game better in small steps instead of waiting too long between releases, especially now that I've made big changes to the underlying framework. The new version solved a component layering issue. On small screens some components overlapped and the wrong component handled input. I've also finally gotten around to improving the Define keys screen. The define and show keys view has been combined and you can now redefine individual keys instead of having to define all keys at once.


  1. There is still a black floorpiece when someone disarm a trap/rune. (Java version.)
    It disappears, when I make a new movement.

  2. Could you please add icon scaling to j2me version? I'm playing in 360x640(device is Nokia 5800) and they're too small to hit even with stilus.

    BTW: Thank you for this great game.

  3. @anonymous: Would you mind contacting me via e-mail (bjorn dot ritzl at gmail dot com)? I'd like to send you a version with tile scaling enabled. It would be nice to try it out on a high res J2ME device before making the change public.

  4. @Thot: Do you still get a black floor piece after disarming a trap?

    @Anonymous: Version 1.11.1 has tile scaling support for J2ME. Please give it a try!