Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What is going on in Dweller land?

I've been quite busy at work lately with a bunch of deadlines creeping up on me while I at the same time temporarily have taken over management of one of our dev teams... Still, progress is made on Dweller and I think you will enjoy the upcoming changes!

My goal is to release a new Dweller version for the ARRP (Annual Roguelike Release Party) on September 19th. Some of the highlights of the upcoming release:

  • An actionbar will be present while moving around on the map. From the action bar you will be able to quickly fire missiles, use spells or wands, access the inventory and so on. The actionbar will only be visible on touchscreen devices ofcourse.
  • New player and monster "unit frames" showing the essential information about the monster you are fighting
  • Named/unique monsters with themed names (ex Lughdush for an Orc, Vilefang for a Spide) as well as themed artifact names.
  • Language support. Soon you will be able to play in your own language (as long as you help me with translations :-) )
  • I hope to be able to squeeze in one or two new monsters as well


  1. why even show us the keys we CANNT redefine at this point?

    I find it very frustrating because I DO want to redfine those keys to make playing the game way easier.

    I use a phone that has a alpha keyboard in a square layout.

    To use the Numbers i have to press FN (function) then the letter that has that number on it.

    I would much rather redfine the movement keys etc as was possible in earlier versions to make the game playable on my phone.

    Please consider making this a option in the future again. Maybe give the option of having the menu come up when you start the game were the you can reset the commands to default if you mess up ( as it is nowk the menu showing ).

    This would really improve the playablity of the game.

    thank you.


  2. Sorry one other comment, when I do redefine the keys, they arent kept when I exit the game and go back in. I have to redefine the keys every time I start the game up and want to continue playing.

    Is this a but? or by design?

    thank you again

  3. Larry, sorry for the slow response to your questions. The redefined keys being lost when exiting the game is a bug. I have not been able to track it down yet, but I'll make an extra effort to try and solve it before the next release on the 19th.

    I will also consider opening up redefinition of all keys with the option to reset them on startup (from the splash/loading screen).

  4. Larry, the issue with custom key definitions not being saved has been solved and a new version has been released.