Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dweller 1.4.1 bugfix release

The AARP release introduced quite a lot of bugs due to all the localization support being added to the release. I have now managed to iron out most (all?) of the bugs introduced in the latest release. I'd like to thank everyone who sent me feedback and bug reports!

I also managed to find a fix a really nasty bug which has been in there for quite some time. Sometimes you came across map cells which seemed empty but was not passable ("The stone floor is in the way"). This was actually caused by something as unlikely as the code that handled the Stun effect.

  • Gold does not count towards the final score as much as it did before
  • Android - Increased font size for the unit frame
  • Unit frames have been moved to the bottom of the screen to stop them from being "jumpy" (when they followed the height of the messagebox)
  • Chance of the merchant having better gear is increased with player level
  • A lot of typos as a result of the translation support being added in the 1.4.0
  • Buy All and Sell All options did not work after the translation support being added
  • Wands accidently got double prefixes (Wand of Fire of Fire)
  • Dragon Scale Shield, Book of Teleport, Elven Cloak and Leather Cap had incorrect names
  • Fixed so that the merchant won't have a chance of being generated in an unrechable position
  • Solved a nasty bug related to stun effects that caused dead monsters to become invisible "left overs" blocking the player's way
Dowload and installation instructions from the usual place:

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