Monday, September 20, 2010

Dweller 1.4.0 Annual Roguelike Release Party version

Wow, with the least possible margin I managed to get a new Dweller version out on the Android market and on the homepage. The localization effort I've been posting about elsewhere in this newsgroup took way longer than expected and it's not finished yet. The current version has support for English and slightly wacky Swedish. I need to work a bit more on the formatting and syntax but I'll get there eventually.

Besides the localization support a couple of new features are in as well:

  • Trap doors that will make you fall to the level below 
  • Added action buttons on the map UI for touchscreen devices to simplify targeting and menu access 
  • Removed the statusbar at the bottom of the map UI and added proper unit frames for the player and the current target 
  • The merchant's inventory should get pruned and updated in a better way 
  • Fog of war ghosts of monsters have been removed. They were more of a nuisance than a help. 
  • Potions can no longer become enchanted by the world generator when generated from a predefined spawn point 
  • Saved games are no longer deleted when loaded at startup. The save game is kept until the game is ended to reduce the risk of losing a game to an application crash 
  • Saving redefined keys did no longer work 

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  1. Nice update, but the touch buttons needs to be way bigger, it's impossible to hit them if you are not using a Stylus. Keep the updates going!

  2. The program finally stores defined keys so they don't have to be reentered each time. Many errors in text have popped up. I miss the status bar on the bottom. The text for character and object status are so small they are hard to read. My phone has a keyboard so it doesn't affect me, but the buttons are so small I couldn't imagine playing only using the touchscreen.

    Thank you very much for making this game. It is my favorite android game by far.

  3. There will be a new release in just a few days time.

    The action buttons will be bigger as will the "unit frames".

    I will also address any errors in the text, caused by the new translation feature. Please provide examples of where the text is whacky. It will help me fix it faster! Thanks!

  4. The only ones I remember or saw again were.

    In the level up screen the text for hit points and speed show as "magic." However the flavor text remains for what they actually are.

    I got a boundry exception error when I stepped on and when I picked up ITEM_DRAGONSCALEMAIL. It was only an error and didn't crash the game.

    In terms of balance the wizard seems to be by far easier to play than the others. The wizard is easy without the book of draining, ff you happen to find it the game is pretty much unloseable.

    Any chance of the game getting longer as you have more time to develop it?

  5. I would stay in 1.3.0. Game has many language bugs, like magic instead of speed and hp, and new hud is annoying. Maybe put it on lower corner, or selection between huds?
Also, you can't browse credits now.
And, check my feedback in previous topic.

  6. I disagree with that. Key remaps being saved and no more fog of war ghosts makes 1.4 far better despite the few problems

  7. The buy all command doesn't seem to work anymore.

  8. Thanks for reporting the bug! It will be solved in the next release.

  9. Sell all broken too.

    The book of charms, book of teleport, elven cloak causes same error like dss posted above.

    Also, if you find open trapdoor, your game bugs, and you can't stand on many of fields, mostly your path. This lasts until recall or stairs are used.

    And, if you make scan, the fields with hidden traps are named 'floor' instead of 'stone floor'. Bug, or help?

    About mage - he is good, but ranger with dagger of draining (dod) totally outclasses him - if trapped, melee attacks save his ass, while mage low defence make him impossible to heal.
    Damn, this site isn't operamini friendly

  10. 2 more i forgotten.
    1. There is 'wand of fire of fire' same with other wands. Books and scrolls are ok.
    2. Maybe it's misunderstand, but changelog says that predefined pots are not enchanted. They are not, but also they are never buffed while found in shops and chests!

  11. Wait! The pots aren't enchanted, because you can't enchant them now! My 50 wiz pots collection was pointless :/

  12. Azebu, I don't quite follow what you were trying to do with the potions. Could you explain?

  13. Azebu: The item issues you mentioned will be solved for the next release. Sell All will be fixed as well.

    I'll try to reproduce the trap door bug. I haven't seen it before. Weird. What happens? You say "you can't stand on many of fields". What do you mean by that?

  14. Damn it! I forgot to mention about a bug - you don't get the xp from attacks! not only while casting spells, but always!
    1. When using enchant on potions, it says "You can't enchant it" or so.
    2. It happened only with discovered (open) trapdoors. Open means monster felt down there? If yes, the bug is fixed in 1.4.2

  15. Azebu: It is intentional that you cannot enchant potions. Potions are what they are and they can't be buffed by using Scrolls of Enchant on them.

    The trap door issue has been solved in the most recent version (1.4.2)