Monday, September 13, 2010

Help! Auyuda! Aiuto! Ajuda! Hilfe! Aider! помощь! 帮助!

As a part of my effort to have a new release ready for the ARRP I'm currently adding localization support to Dweller. I'm aware that this is a "nice to have" feature, and by no means a requirement. I still do this now for two reasons:
  1. Dweller runs on Android handsets and that exposes the game to players from all around the world. Players who would normally not play a roguelike and who are more likely to do so if they can play it in their own language. 
  2. The effort required to make the game localizable increases for every feature I add, for every item, monster, spell and so on. The longer I wait the harder it will be. Once in place it will add a slight overhead each time I add more text/content, but that is acceptable. 
My main concern now is how to actually get the game translated to more languages than English and Swedish. I have received offers to help out with localization that I will pick up on, but still, I need to make sure I cover all the big languages. So, if you are able to translate English into Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Portoguese, Russian, German, French, Italian or any other language and you are willing to help bring Dweller to your native language please drop me a line!


  1. I want to help you to translate into spanish. I love dweller, and I want to see it grow. Let me know about it. I'm native on spanish

  2. Pablo, that is excellent news! I really appreciate it! I will be ready to receive help with translations once I have all the text in a translatable format. I'm finalizing the localization support right now and hope to be ready before the end of the week. Could we get in touch via e-mail? You can reach me at bjorn dot ritzl at gmail dot com

  3. I'd like to help with the dutch translation if that is possible.
    My email : sp33der89 at gmail dot com

  4. Not a big language, but I can help with czech translation...

    Petr (bartos dot petr at gmail dot com)

  5. Your game is awesome. A roguelike in my cellphone o.o

    And i can help with Brazilian Portuguese translation! ^^

  6. Thanks a lot for your offers to help out with translations. My goals is to finalize the translation support this weekend and start accepting translations during next week. Once I have a translation package ready I'll get in touch with you!

  7. Hi! First of all, your game rox!
    I want to translate this game to Polish language
    Ok, also, i have some feedback, and some ideas
    First, i think the score count is weird - 5 points per gold coin? really?
    Also, i think the shop offer should switch in bigger scale. Only 1 items changing? Really?
    Ok, now ideas:
    Survival - one goal - kill as much as possible
    after clearing map, stairs appear // the monsters spawn, and your task to annihilate as much enemies
    Multiplayer - You and friend cooperate via bt/web.
    Replays - After finishing game, your wonderful battle can be watched by many people ^^
    Continue - After Killing King, your character comes back, to challenge more dangerous level on medium and hard (like Diablo 2)
    More humanoimds like necromancer (summons undeads), fallen warrior/ranger (dark wizard already ;P)

    And some 2 interesting things -
    1. It happened some patches ago. Once, when playing persistent levels, my character bugged. While playing once more, I met it o_O After killing, i obtained very nice drop ;P
    2. When browsing game data, i have found things like : Medic (4th class, or NPC?), More Goblins and Orcs, Various Humans, Elementals, keys, skulls, gems, copper & silver coins, orbs, various mixtures, Lava, Pitfall, Damaged walls and more! Interesting ^^
    Good luck to not mess this game,
    Filip (Azebu) Rozalski

  8. Azebu: Thanks for the offer to translate to Polish. I will get back to you once I'm ready to receive translations.

    In the next release gold will not count as much towards the final score. You are totally correct there!

    The shop is swapping out items faster in the new release.

    I like some of your suggestions on game play modes, but I can't guarantee anything here.

    #1: I think this one is solved. I encountered it myself and it was related to the Scroll of Recall that takes you back and forth to the surface. Or did it happen in at another time?

    #2: Yes, there's graphics for more features that's for sure. I hope to get back to implementing a lot of the things in coming versions.

    Thank you for the feedback!

  9. 1. Nah, this was b4 graphical update.
    And, i don't think about enchanting stacks. If you drop 3 SoEs, and lots of basic potions, you get freaking much money, and skills.
    Also, maybe 1337, and another unofficial languages?
    And, i think you could add amount of restored hp from pots. Not much work, but helpful.

  10. @Azebu: HP gained from potions, wands, scrolls etc will be shown in the message starting next version