Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Status update

There's a lot going on with Dweller and it will take a couple of more days before I can release a new version. I thought I'd share some of the things you'll come across in the next version:

The Crypt
This will be a new side branch of the dungeon, filled with all kinds of undead. At the bottom of the crypt there will be a new mini boss for you to fight. There's going to be a new kind of undead, Ghouls. Ghouls will be fast and come in large packs so you better watch out and don't get caught in the open.

More goblins
The main branch of the dungeon will host more goblins now that the undead are moving into their own side branch. Goblin Captains and Shamans will be among the new dungeon denizens.

The Ranger's best friend
As was mentioned earlier the ranger will now have a fierce dog to fight along his side.

Tutorial dungeon
New players will be able to visit a small tutorial dungeon to learn some of the basic concepts in Dweller. The tutorial dungeon will be accessible from the forest.

And of course a whole bunch of bugs have been squashed since the last release...

Stay tuned!


  1. That sounds like fun!
    When you say the ghouls are fast, does that mean they'll move more than one square per turn? Sounds scary!

    Goblin Shamans, will they have the ability to heal or resurrect other goblins? That could make for some interesting situations.

    I've got some bug reports for you from version 1.18.0
    I don't know how many you've already identified and squashed for the next release, so I'll just list everything I've found.

    This first one is something that I noticed many versions ago, but never got around to reporting.
    The targeting for a wizard's spells is not symetrical.
    If I'm standing adjacent to a block, and an enemy is standing next to one of its distant corners, I can target and shoot him, but if the situation is reversed, with me at the corner and the enemy adjacent to the distant face of the block, the targeting cursor is red and I can't shoot him.
    To see what I mean in a picture, check out http://www.bitfront.com/dweller.jpg the image you've got on the right of the blog here.
    If the warrior was a wizard, he could target the guy in the black cloak and shoot him, but if the black cloaked guy was the wizard, he couldn't target and shoot an enemy standing where the warrior is.
    Surely if it's valid to target in one direction it should also be valid in the opposite direction...

    Wizard can't equip a spellbook that is in a quickslot.
    The game starts with the charred book of fire equipped and in the quick slots, but if you un-equip it, or equip another book, then while the book remains in the quickslot, selecting it in the inventory and choosing "use" just activates it, but doesn't make it equipped again.

    I can't seem to get the Scroll of Enchant to work.
    If I select it in my inventory and choose "use", it opens up my inventory again to let me choose what item to enchant, but whatever piece of equipment I select just gets equipped instead of getting enchanted.

    The text that shows when you're standing on a special tile like water or an open door could use a little bit of fixing.
    Right now it says "You're standing on " and then the name of the special tile.
    But for some things, specifically water and open doors, it would be better english to say standing in, not standing on.
    You're standing in water, or You're standing in an open doorway.

  2. Update for you on the enchant scroll. I got it to work once I removed it from the quickslot.

  3. @Spirit: Sorry, I forgot to answer this one. Some comments below...

    Ghouls. Yes, Ghouls will be pretty fast. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but there's already monsters that may act twice as fast as you (and thus move more than one square per turn). If something has twice the speed of your character it will move twice as fast.

    Goblin Shaman. Will be able to heal goblins yes. And the Goblin Captain will summon more Goblins :-)

    Yes, I'm aware of the fact that targeting isn't symmetrical, and it's a side effect of the algorithm used. I might solve it but it's not really a big deal. In your example think of it as the warrior is peeking around the corner to fire at the wizard. Wizard is in full sight, but the warrior is partially hidden behind the corner :-)

    The issues with equipping items will be solved in the next release.