Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pets and allies in Dweller

In Dweller there's a Bag of Monsters that you can come across while exploring the dungeon. When opened a charmed monster will pop up and fight along side you. It's the same as using a Book of Charms on a monsters, but it gives the warrior and ranger a chance to get an ally. Yesterday I added a Dog whistle and gave that to the ranger as a part of the starting gear. The whistle has an unlimited number of uses and when used it summons a dog (although you can only have one dog summoned at a time). The dog will work as any ally and it will try to attack targets adjacent to the player.

I am now contemplating if I should give the wizard the ability to summon elementals, but I'm afraid of the difficulty balancing this. The wizard is already powerful as it is.


  1. Sounds good!
    One way you could balance summoned allies for a wizard is to make mana cost of the summoning sustained.
    That is, make it monopolise a certain portion of the wizard's mana pool.
    For example, an elemental might have a sustained cost of 20 mana, which would mean that if the wizard had a pool of 30 mana, then when he summoned the elemental, 20 of his mana would be occupied while the elemental is alive, leaving him with a pool of only 10 mana to cast his own spells with.

  2. Good idea. I'll consider it, but it will not be implemented from launch.