Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bitmasking on or off

I recently added something called bitmasking to smooth out the walls and make them look like proper walls and not separate blocks of stone laid out to next to each other. Personally I like the bitmasked version better, but who knows, maybe you guys prefer the old way? Have a look at this before and after picture and let me know what you think:



Source and comments:


  1. I like the new version better!

  2. Bitmapped, definitely bitmapped. Much nicer to my eye.

  3. Yes, the new way looks really nice!

  4. Sooo sorry, but I think the old style is better. The new looks emptier. If you could add texture maybe. Also the transition between light and dark walls look odd/unfinished. With bitmasking you'd need to differentiate the north side of the walls from the top side, because now my eye has trouble figuring out the geometry. Almost like a Reuterswärd effect.

  5. @carnalizer: Yes, it does look a bit "flat" or "empty". Why don't you crack open Photoshop and gimme a mockup of how you would have done it? ;-)

    I have also been toying with the idea of showing walls in the same way as Hack Slash Loot does: