Thursday, October 13, 2011

Roguelike Radio - Cardinal Quest and 100 Rogues

A new episode of Roguelike Radio was released yesterday. In this episode John Harris, Ido Yehieli and Andrew Doull interview lead designer of 100 Rogues, Keith Burgun. 100 Rogues is a very successful  roguelike for iOS with a huge following.

Last week a bonus episode of RR was released featuring an interview with Ido Yehieli, the developer behind Cardinal Quest. CQ is becoming a big hit with a lot of downloads and purchases. SO much in fact that Ido is able to work as a full time indie developer.

I've really enjoyed listening to these last two episodes as they have reminded me of the importance of focusing a lot on the controls and usability of a roguelike on handheld devices. I definitely need to focus more on this in Dweller. It's also refreshing to hear that there is a big market for commercial indie roguelikes. As someone put it: we're in the golden age of indie development right now.


  1. Hi, I'm enjoying the game but I keep encountering a problem with the healer. If I get poisoned and go to the healer for a cure, I cannot select any of the options, keep moving around instead and his menu is stuck on my screen until I restart the game. I don't have a touchscreen on my phone (Sony Ericsson W910i) and rely on the buttons for control.

    I'd appreciate your help, as it is a great roguelike and I look forward to spending many an hour on it :)

  2. Hi, I will release a new version that fixes this problem. I hope to have the new version out during the week.