Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dweller 1.11.0 (J2ME and J2SE)

I've done a Dweller release for J2ME and J2SE tonight. The new version fixes some critical issues with popups not properly being removed when using the keyboard. There is no Android version yet as the popup problem doesn't affect Android touchscreen devices.

The new version also loads game data in a way that fill make it easier for me to add more items and monsters without having to invalidate user saves. Also, the new version reduced the likelihood of poison being triggered, as it was too lethal as it was before.

Expect an Android version pretty soon.



  1. Thanks!

    I'll give it a try and I'll tell if I still find problems with the new version.

  2. This is great, the popup bug prevented me from consulting the healer in case of poisoning, which meant being poisoned was sure death unless I had an antidote handy. Now I can play again without that fear of lethal poison.

    Thanks for not forgetting the users on good old J2ME phones!

  3. Please add icon scaling to j2me version.

  4. @Anonymous: I could easily add icon scaling to J2ME, but I need a couple of users to help me test the feature. I know there could be potential problems with transparency on the scaled images, adn I don't want to release something like this before testing on a J2ME device other than the one I have myself. Please feel free to e-mail me and I can send you a version with icon scaling that you could try.

  5. I'm surprised there are actually people playing it on j2me still :)

    I tried it on my old nokia a while ago and it was quite hard to play (due to the phone not the game), but the android version is quite a nice game!

  6. Hmm... I think it's way to easy on the phone, you rarely get poisoned, I smash all my enemies easily.

    I hope he can somehow make the game more difficult and add more loot and monsters, because that's very important in a roguelike... loot, randomization etc.

    Of course it's still very fun to play but it does need improvement here IMO.

  7. @Ido: Yes, there's quite a few people playing the J2ME version.

    @Anonymous: Well, I need to play-test the poison change a bit more before I decide if it was too big a nerf (I don't think it is). I agree that the game need more monsters and items. I will try to improve that, but it is much harder to add exciting content than it is to code a game engine :-)

  8. Thanks for listening to suggestions at least!

    I hope you can improve the game in the future, I'm playing it right now and yeah, it needs to be a bit more difficult and it needs more content :(.
    I'll keep visiting this blog to see the new versions, so far we got two updates in a week! So that's a good thing!

    Right now it's still the best mobile roguelike game and I play it randomly during the day when I am bored, it's fun. I would just like more things in it!

    It's probably a bit hard for a mobile game but eh, I'm not a programmer so I wouldn't know.

  9. @Anonymous: Are you playing using persistent levels? If not then I suggest that you do so. You won't be able to scum up and down stairs to get fresh new easy levels. Once a level is cleared out it will take time for it to be populated with monsters again.

  10. I wasn't playing on persistent levels, I'll try it, I hope it's more challenging.

    Also may I ask, I don't see any attack showing up when examining a bow, am I missing something?

  11. @Anonymous: The reason is that item stats are only shown for items that actually modify your own stats when the item is equipped. Ammo and missile weapons have attack stats but they do not affect your own attack efficiency. The values are of interest though as they determine the damage made in ranged combat. I have added display of the stats in the next version of Dweller.