Friday, October 28, 2011

Dweller 1.11.1

I have now propagated the 1.11.0 fixes into the Android build. I have also added two often requested improvements:
  • J2ME tile scaling. This is a bit experimental and I would appreciate user feedback!
  • Touch/mouse scrolling of the map. It is now possible to look around on the map by simply dragging it using the mouse or a touch screen.

Please give the new version a try and let me know what you think! Enjoy!


  1. Thanks, even if I don't own a phone with a touchscreen, I have to try the tile scaling!

  2. Thanks for the new version, and especially for the Quick Slots keyboard button, and for highlighting the first option in NPC menus automatically!

    Testing out the new version on my Android HTC Desire Z once again, I've run into a few bugs and issues I thought I should report.

    * The splash screen bug I mentioned last time is still happening.
    When I sleep my phone, or rotate it the splash screen comes up, which is fine, but when I touch to clear the splash screen any menus that were on screen before are gone.
    This includes merchant menu, inventory, level up, even the mini-map.

    * The merchant's menu isn't as user friendly as it could be:
    - After buying or selling an item we end up back at the inventory root and have to select a category (All, Weapons, Jewelery, etc.) again each time. It would be better if after buying or selling we were sent back to the same category we had been in when we bought or sold.
    - When browsing your inventory to sell items, if we select an item and then go back instead of selling it, the next item we select doesn't have the sell option.
    I think what's happening is that when we go back from the first selected item we end up in our normal inventory menu instead of the selling menu. Same with buying.
    - Hitting Back after selecting the Buy From or Sell To option closes the whole menu now instead of sending us back to a Buy, Sell, Farewell menu as it did in the previous Android version.
    - The merchant displays Gold Coins for sale, seems kind of pointless since they sell for one Gold Coin per Gold Coin...
    - It would be nice to have a display of how much gold we have whenever we're in a buying or selling menu isntead of having to manually check it in our inventory.

    * There's no visual indication of which tageting mode we are in other than the text that says Inspect? or Target? When you've got both a book and a wand equipped there's no way of seeing which one you're about to use.

    * Damage from spike traps in chests isn't being reported in the message log. The HP are still removed, but there's no message stating how much damage we took.

    * It's still impossible to disarm a trap that has loot on top of it. The targeting cursor only registers the loot, not the trap under it.

    * The new map scrolling feature is nice, but when I drag with my finger to move the map, the player moves when I release my finger. This is especially problematic since he's no longer on screen so I can't see what he's doing, and I have to do it again, thus moving him again, to get him back in sight.

    * The Z's from sleeping monsters still remain animating over thin air sometimes after the monster wakes up.

    * The character button still shows the warrior's head no matter which class I play as.

    * The new quick slots button works, but in the customise controls screen it has a strange looking name "CMD_SHOWQUICKSLOTS" which doesn't fit in with the names of all the other commands.

  3. Nice list of bugs, let me add something. If you have a bow and you don't have arrows and you try to shoot you get a java.nullexception error or something like that.

  4. I've got this when I enable large tiles on my Nokia 5800.

  5. Thanks for pop up fixes, I played the new version a couple of times and so far I don't have anymore annoying popups sticking in there.

    But yeah, I can't test the tile scaling since there's no option for that for devices with j2me, specifically nokia n70 (my phone).

    I guess the tiles are fine now, no problem with them.

    I just wish there was more content, more monster variety, loot, classes, skills, spells, maybe things like eating a corpse, or crafting maybe. And religion, you can infuriate your god or please him and you get rewards or punishments.

    Do you think you will add more content in the next versions like this?

  6. @Spiritofcat: Great list. thanks! The merchant menu will be improved in the next version. I'll also try to address as many of your other reported issues as well.

  7. Thanks Bjorn!
    Looks like you've released a new version for Android now. 1.11.3.
    Seems like you've fixed the bug where scrolling the map moved the player, that's good!

  8. @spiritofcat: If you read this and still play Dweller I would very much like to know what you think of the most recent version. Your previous feedback has been very good! Thanks again!