Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hawken - more videos

The Hawken team have released a bunch of new videos/interviews where they talk about their design goals and some of the features of Hawken and the mechs within the game.

The mechs in hawken will be rather small (similar to the ones in Avatar) but still feel like heavy machinery when you control it. You will have the ability to sidestep, boost forward, use your jetpack and do quick 180 turns, but all of these movement abilities burn fuel, so you need to keep an eye on your fuel guage. When it comes to using your weapons you have unlimited ammo, but constantly firing your weapons will overheat your mech. You will be able to customize your mech in several ways, and different mech classes can use different weapons and items. You will have a primary weapon and a secondary weapon, with the secondary weapon have a long cooldown time.

The game will feature seven maps and four game modes (death match, team death match and two yet to be disclosed game modes)

The team aims to release in early-mid 2012.

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