Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dweller 1.7.11 - bugfix!

This is a bugfix version to solve a problem (nullpointer) when killing monsters using magic. I'd like to thank everyone who pointed out this very obvious problem to me. As a bonus I have also fixed the issue with empty chests still containing an item when opened.

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  1. I've gone and made a mess and actually broke empty chests completely. I know I tried this before making the release but apparently the fix didn't make it into the release anyway. Now all chests are empty... expect a fix later today.

  2. 1.7.12 is now released. This time the chests are working for real. Sorry about all this...

  3. still not working in the j2me version

  4. When looting chests, sometimes it says you find an item, but it doesn't end up in your inventory. 1.17.12.

  5. Yes, unfortunately there were still problems with the chest, damn. 1.7.13 released...