Monday, June 20, 2011

Dweller 1.8.0

A lot of players have complained about the menu items being to small. I'm actually not running the game on a high-res device myself (using an HTC Legend) so for me the menus are ok, but I can understand that the height of the menu items can cause misclicks on high-res devices. In the new version the menu item height has been increased for all touchscreen devices. Please let me know if you think the items are high enough or if they need further adjustments.

Many players have also asked for more things on the top level, specifically a small town with several NPCs. I've started looking into this, and a first step was to add a Healer near the dungeon entrance. The healer sells potions and can assist with immediate healing in exchange for some gold. This will need further tweaking but it's a start. I hope you like it.

A third and minor change is some adjustments to item prices. Nothing big really.


  1. 1. got ACTION_USE_NOSHIELD_TWOHAND with equipped two hand axe and shield/ looks like missed text string

    2. how to pick up loot laying on the trap?

    3. stock items on the floor

    4. resume game button for quick escape from menu's tree

    PS thank you for perfect game

  2. Thank you for the feedback:

    1) This will be fixed in the next release

    2) Ah, you can't disarm the trap since you only get a choice of examining the item?

    3) If you mean the ability to stock several different items on the same cell on the floor I have to disappoint you by saying that this likely won't happen. The game engine doesn't have support for it at all and it would also add the need for a new UI option to look through all items in a cell. It would also be harder to at a glance see what's lying on the floor.

    4) Could you elaborate on this?