Monday, May 16, 2011

Soul Brother

I had a great time the other day while waiting for some long-running tasks to finish at work. I had come across a clever little puzzle platformer called Soul Brother. In Soul Brother you take on the role of a little a soul that via reincarnation takes control of different creatures within the game. You start out by controlling a creature called Kobayashi. Kobayashi is small and he can get through narrow passages, but he can't jump very far and he can't push any blocks. So what do you do when you encounter a section of the game you can't pass? You make sure to die by jumping into an enemy or into some deadly spikes and have your soul transferred to another creature on the screen, for instance Nemo the double-jumping cat, Mirko the strong larva looking fellow that can push blocks or Birdie the bird. The game is all about reincarnating to different creatures at the right time to get passed obstacles. Very funny and with cute graphics. Well worth a play!

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