Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dungeons and Dungeon Keeper

I watched a game play preview of the recently released Dungeons and was surprised by the similarities with one of my old Peter Molyneux favorites Dungeon Keeper. Sure, there are some differences such as the fact that you actually have an in-game avatar in Dungeons as opposed to the "hand of god" in Dungeon Keeper or that you need to care more about the heroes entering your dungeon instead of your own dungeon denizens but come on, how much can you rip-off from a game and still call it your own?!

The graphics is of course beefed up to modern day standards in Dungeons, but I like to take on the role of champion of all things old and say that I prefer the way things look and feel in Dungeon Keeper. Things don't automatically become better just because you throw more graphics and effects at it.

Disclaimer: I haven't played Dungeons yet, so I may be wrong. It might be a great game (I will try the demo on Steam).

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