Thursday, May 19, 2011

Battle of Britain (and SteamBirds)

I've heard about SteamBirds many times, but it wasn't until I saw a trailer for Battle of Britain that I actually decided to look it up. Both games are very similar in that they are tactical turn based dogfight games with historical planes from the first and second world war. In both games you have a planning mode where you set the paths of your planes and a play mode where the planes fly according to your plan. Battle of Britain is more like Flight Control where you draw a path and at any time you can pause and change the path, while in SteamBirds you set the direction to fly to at preset intervals. In SteamBirds your planes can't turn on a coin as in Battle of Britain. SteamBirds can be played at ArmorGames while Battle of Britain still is in development.

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  1. Hey there. I am double posting here just in hopes that you see this message as I did not see anyway to email you so I wanted to post a couple of things here.

    Dweller is a very cool little game that kept me entertained for a few hours last night. I hope you will tweak it just a little as I really enjoyed it less two things.

    My ONLY concerns were:

    The inventory screen - ouch. I see why you did it the way you did but man it is REALLY hard to control. Trying to heal is a chore, whenever you scroll down to see stuff it always picks something you don't want it to, sometimes drops things accidently, etc and generally it is very hard to control the inventory screen, when you scroll to the end it often backs out completely. Being able to use the back arrow on the phone would be an improvement but hopefully you already have some ideas on this. (and I think I seen that you do)

    The only thing was when I died I could NOT pick up from where I left off! The Horror! Everything I did was gone, hopefully you will consider a different way to continue (and I think you are from wiki page)

    Other than that great job bringing us a neat little hacker remininsant of the good ole days