Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Ranger is a nice little top down shooter where you take the role of a space pilot hired to rescue prisoners on alien planets. You start inside your ship where you can pick up some medikits and weapons and off you go out into the hostile alien world.

The game features destructible terrain, line of sight/field of view and a nice array of weapons ranging from a combat knife to tasers, uzis and grenades. When you least expect it an enemy may jump out from behind a tree and blast you. You need to be on your toes at all times! Line of sights plays a big part in ranger since the line of sight goes both ways: you cannot see enemies that aren't within line of sight and enemies can't see you. Use this to your advantage by sneaking up behind an unaware enemy and quickly finish him using your knife or a well placed shotgun shot. The enemy AI could have been made a bit smarter but it isn't trivial and at times it can become rather hectic when you get blasted with enemy fire while trying to out-manouver enemy troops.

The game was developed by a guy called Robbert Prins using Blitz 3D. The game is freeware and can be downloaded here:

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