Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hawken forum opened - give me the game now!

All I say is: Big Mechas with even bigger guns! How can that not be a win? It sure is in my book and that's why I was superexcited when I came across Adhesive Games big robot fighter FPS Hawken. Let me start off by showing some in-game videos and you can judge for yourself if this is cool or if it's super-cool:

I'm really in love with the graphical style of the game. The city in which the battles take place look really stunning and the mechas and everything else really blend in and give it a really unique look. The game is based on the Unreal Engine. What is even more impressive is the size of the team working on Hawken. The current team size is nine people (yes 9!), the team is not affiliated with a big studio and it's been in development for less than a year and it can still boast the kind of results seen in the above videos.

Follow the development at the official site, at their blog or on their forum:

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