Friday, October 1, 2010

Sweden is finally on the Google Android market radar!

Google has finally announced support for paid Android apps for Swedish developers and users! This is a huge thing for Swedish Android users and developers and I'm sure this addition along with the other newly opened markets will be a boost to the whole market!

What will this mean for Dweller you may ask? At the moment nothing will change. Dweller will remain free of charge. I may at some point try out the market and see if I can attract some attention, but I would prefer to keep Dweller free. My only wish would be that more users who find the game fun would consider donating via Paypal, either in-game or via the link here on the blog.


  1. Sorry for posting this in a comment but I see no better place: where am I supposed to report a bug? Have You thought about a forum or a special e-mail account for bugs?

  2. Björn, first please keep Dweller FREE! Next, dont forget support j2me phones!!!

    Besides, i have some tips for you:
    1. Make items destructable (even books). It will depend on its quality
    2. Remove Book of Draining!!! Its VERY easy to win with it
    3. Add some NPC's in game: Weapon/armor dealer, Healer, Oracle (make open the map)
    4. Make minimap
    Good luck!

  3. Hi Bjorn! First please keep Dweller FREE! Next dont forget to support j2me phones!

    Some ideas^
    1. Make items destructable (even books).
    2. Make minimap
    3. Remove Book of Draining. Its VERY easy to win with it!
    4. Add NPCs: weapon/armor dealer, healer, oracle (open the map)
    Good luck!

  4. @Piciek: Please send me an e-mail, bjorn dot ritzl snail gmail dot com, or post the bug here. I do not have a forum set up for Dweller.

  5. @JohnBrown: I will ofcourse continue to support both the J2ME version and the desktop, J2SE version. No need to worry there! I will try to work on J2ME performance in a coming release as well since the screen flickers a bit on some slower handsets.

    1. I have added destructable items to my todo list
    2. Check out 1.5.1 :-)
    3. Book of Draining (or draining in general) has been nerfed in 1.5.1
    4. I will work more with NPCs and questgivers in a future version