Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dweller 1.5.1 - the minimap is upon us!

I have received a lot of positive feedback on the last couple of releases, and I must say that it is very encouraging and motivating! Keep the feedback coming!

I frequently get requests to add a minimap to Dweller, but it has not been a top priority so far. Since the amount of feedbacl is increasing and the minimap gets mentioned in quite a few e-mails I thought it was best to finally add one! The minimap is currently only accesible from the action bar at the bottom of the map. This means that non-touchscreen users can't access the minimap. I intend to fix this in a future version, but for now it's touch screen only, sorry!

I also solved a really nasty bug related to the Goblin King and moving back and forth between the level he is at. Thanks to Brooks Ellis and Emil Atras for reporting!

  • Minimap!
  • Added a small '!' emote above a monster that wakes up
  • Damage against sleeping monsters is increased
  • Draining an already drained target has reduced chance of success
  • Scrolling a multi-line menu choice on the last line did not show the entire line
  • Some monsters were flagged as unique even though they weren't
  • Monsters were flagged as sleeping even though they weren't, and vice versa
  • The Goblin King would bug out when going back and forth to the level where he was generated


  1. Firsly, thank you for your work on this great game.
    Next, you seem to forget to change the version number, at least on the mobile version. It still says it's 1.4.2
    And while I'm at it, if you don't mind catering to my (and possibly other people's) laziness, it would be terribly nice of you to include a link to your roguebasin page in these posts, so I could go there straight from my RSS reader.
    Again, thank you.

  2. Same problem as Kuborion, J2ME version still says 1.4.2.
    Still does game is very nice thanks for the update :D.

  3. That's weird. I double checked and the version number is updated. I wonder if it is a caching issue or soemthing?

    @Kuborian: I added a link to the roguebasin page in the menu to the right.

  4. I tried minimap in desktop version. Its fine. But i didn find any named monsters (minibosses). And in j2me 1.5.1. Goblin King has not name ((

    Some notes:
    1. Bag of monstets is almostly useless now. I think you should improve it.
    2. Increase difficulty (or decrease healing potions). Its easy to win with especially with wizard and warrior
    3. May be allow Dark Wizard to summon Skeletons? I think its not too hard make it.

    Some questions:
    1. is it possible to use wands for non-wizards?
    2. Your closest plans?

    PS and yes, i didn note any bugs at the moment. My congratulations!

  5. John: The chance of encountering a named mini boss is low, but a normal game should let you face at least a few of them. There was a bug in previous versions that caused monsters that weren't unique to still show up as named minibosses.

    Bag of Monsters. I will try to work more with AI for allies. I would also like for allies to follow you when you use stairs.

    Difficulty. This is a balancing act. In previous versions the game was too hard, but with the addition of a trader and scrolls of recall I think I made the game too easy. I will work with gamebalance in coming versions.

    Dark Wizards. I will work on overall AI and also open up for more spells and variation in monster encounters. Adding a Summon Undead spell is not hard.

    Wands. No, only the wizard. In old versions all classes could use them. I plan to change this again and let the ranger and warrior use wands but with a penalty.

    The thing i want to work with the most is to increase replayability and variation in Dweller. More variation in maps, monster AI and items. A list of todoäs can be found here:

  6. Excellent rogue-like you have made ! Fits quite well with the mobile phones limitations.

    I just noted that while walking over a trapped chest, without interting with it, shows the "open chest with spikes" sprite.

    Tested on HTC Desire 2.1

  7. There is a chance each turn that you discover an adjacent spike trapped chest. I think that is what happened.

  8. Small bug - when you fight against a monster and then move to first level, the monster's stats are still visible on the screen.

    BTW, what about a 1.52 or better 2.00? ))

  9. Sorry for not responding sooner JohnBrown. The issue you mention will be solved in the next release.

  10. I think I've identified a bug.

    I'm playing 1.51 on an HTC Dream, and when I descend stairs, I keep getting a message about my god granting me new hit points. However, no further hit points were granted.

    In my most recent game, I was playing a 20th level wizard, and I was on the 7th level...I decided I was ready to dive to level 10, and passed the stairs 3 times, each time, getting a message about hp's, but always remaining at 37hp, regardless.

    Thanks for the game, though, I'm really enjoying myself with it.

    I also had a feature request. It be terribly handy if there was an additional option or two with 'healing' food...instead of 1 or all, maybe something like "until fully healed", or "until at 90% of max"

  11. Sorry to double-post, but I've found another small bug, and have another feature suggestion.

    For the bug, I notice when drinking potion, eating shrooms, etc, that the change in my HP does not correlate with the change message. I just drank a regular healing potion when at 8hp's, and it reported that I was given +2hps..but my hp indicator showed 17. Similar things happen with shrooms and weak healing potions.

    For the other feature suggestion. When looking at your inventory sub-categories, you list : All, equipped, melee, armour, magicitems, jewlery, and food.

    I would think that if you were to add an 'unequipped' category, it could be very helpful. Additionally, say you are wearing a leather cap, and are carrying an additional 3. If the 'unequipped' category were to only list the 3 caps that were not being worn, then you could 'sell all', without accidently selling the armour you're wearing!

    Thanks for listening

  12. Brian, thanks for the bug reports! I'll try to address the issues and release a new version before x-mas. I like your ideas regarding new categories for the inventory, I might implement those as well.

  13. So, I'm turning into a chief bug-reporter here....

    Two more for you.

    1 - When using a Flail, I frequently knock back my opponent. When this happens, every time I get a "knock back" message, and that seems to contain a replacement token "@1", that you probably meant to have some kind of useful info in.

    2 - My character is currently carrying 52/67. I'm attempting to pick up a halberd, weighing 15, and it gives me a message about not being able to pick up any more. If I drop something else (to get to 51), I can pick the halberd up, leaving me at 66/67. Then I remain unable to pick up a 1 weight item.

  14. I'm afraid I've found something else...this one might not be a bug, I'm not sure. My 'fella' seems to have been afflicted with negative speed!

    I've removed all his equipment, etc, and it remains negative (-7 with equip, -11 nekkid). I've taken some screenshots, if that helps you.

    Not sure if I can post a url here or goes.

    http {colon} {slash} {slash} picasaweb {dot} google {dot} com slash brian {dot} ackermann {slash} DropBox?authkey=Gv1sRgCKXNrd36xOm-4QE&feat=directlink

  15. Brian, thanks a lot for all the reports! I will try to fix all bugs and release a new version now during the x-mas holidays! Merry christmas

  16. While you're in there, it might be worth looking over the 'speed' related code. I'm now playing with a speed-focused ranger. I'm seeing quite a lot of monsters with less speed than I have, moving 2 or 3 times per move I get to make.

    Happy Holidays, and, Thanks!

  17. Status update: I've started ticking off suggested and features and bugs reported in the comments:

    - Picking up an item that makes you reach the carrying capacity cap is now possible

    - Potions of healing now properly report amount of HP gained

    - Stat gain options when gaining a new character level were not always calculated correctly

    - Added an Unequipped category to the inventory

    A new release and more fixes will come soon..

  18. More fixes:

    - Incorrect message when knocking back an opponent

    - You can no longer be slowed down to negative speed by monsters with slowing attacks

  19. cool!

    So, gameplay do you recover lost speed? Neither time, nor healing potions, nor antidote potions seemed to help ?

  20. Antidote is only for poison. The only way to recover lost speed is to use Potions of Swiftness. It might be a bit harsh to have permanent loss, but Dweller currently doesn't have a system for effects that wear off after a while. I plan to add items that grant resistance to stat drain, and that would probably be the best way to prevent loss of stats when fighting certain monsters.

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  22. Howdy again.

    A few things, First, another bug.

    I'm having a 'targeting' bug. I am playing a ranger, and am now, suddenly, unable to target a monster for attack. I used to be able to switch between 'look' targeting, and 'attack' targeting. Now I am unable to do so. No matter what I do, I always get the 'look' variety. Rebooting doesn't help. I'm afraid that I'm going to lose my current character, due to this bug, unless anybody happens to know a workaround ?

    Secondly, would it be possible to get some 'other' kind of message (Standard toaster, perhaps?) in the even of major stat modifications, like stat drain ? If the messages are ever posted to the status line, I've not yet happened to notice it, and it would be REALLY nice to know that my 30 speed has now dropped to 0!

    Thirdly, unless I'm misunderstanding 'attack speed' equipment attribute, I think we may have another teensy bug. I have a dagger that reports Attack speed: 0.73%, a Quarterstaff that is 0.86%, and a Flail that is 1.53%. My gut feeling here is that these are all off by a factor of 100. Attack Speed is 73%, 86%, or 153% of the 'normal' value.

    I'd originally thought that the number listed WAS a factor, but that doesn't make sense. A dagger should be faster than a flail, not the other way around.


  23. I have not been able to reproduce the attack cycling bug that you mention. Are you able to reproduce it in a new game?

    The message you should be looking for is somewhere along the lines of "You feel slowed down". I've colored critical messages like that one red so they stand out more.

    An attack speed of 0.73% should ofcourse be 73% which means that it only takes 73% of the average attack time. A flail takes 53% longer to attack with than an average attack.

    BTW I'm playtesting the next version now. If nothing comes up in my tests it should be released within a week.

  24. No, I've only seen it the one time. Other than just touching the screen and holding, what other ways are there to switch targeting modes? My 'search' button exhibits the same behavior.

    Can you think of anyting I might try to kick the targeting system back into submission? I tried unequipping my bow, and then effect. I am stuck with a ranger that has no ranged attack :D

    Also, I did bump into a Dark Wizard or whatever, on DL2, and saw the 'slowed' message, as well as a poisoned. I'm pretty sure that he only hit me one time with his slow, and my speed went from 28 to 21! Considering how slowly potions of speed come my way, a loss of 7 points from a single encounter (or worse, a single attack!), especially at DL2, is unexpectedly costly.

  25. So, I figured out what the issue was with my archer's targeting system. It turns out that you can't target if you don't have an arrow equipped!! (laughs at himself)

    While I don't think thats a bug exactly, it could be beneficial to let the user get feedback when attempting to change into attack targeting mode that they are unable to do so, or to allow them to enter the mode, but, on selecting a target, to simply render a message that the player does not have an arrow ready. A little feedback on that would have saved me oodles of frustration. Of course, I could be the only moron that ends up there... :D