Friday, October 22, 2010

A short update

For those of youwho have followed Dweller for some time now know that releases come in bursts of two or three close together, and then periods of no updates. I'm currently really busy at work, but work on Dweller has not stopped. Fear not, a new version will be released in just a couple of weeks. The new release will include a bunch of bug fixes and minor changes but also a virtual d-pad as requested by a lot of touch screen players. Stay tuned!


  1. Good news! Dont forget to make minimap in j2me ;)

  2. Indeed, that will be in the J2ME version as well.

  3. a couple of things i want to mentions.

    when playing a warrior, there is a risk that one selects the first choice when one level up. This because pressing "right" acts as a selector in the menu, as well as a attack direction.

    And how about adding some more spell books? Like say a book of lightning that have a chance to stun as well as do damage, and a book of air that could push a monster around while damaging it? And could the book of draning somehow do damage while not always transferring to to the wizards hp? Oh, and i have sometimes seen the book of fire hit but do no damage. Once when that happened it even failed to wake up a sleeping monster.

  4. Thank you for the feedback. I do plan to add more spells to the game in a future version.

    I understand what you mean with the level up and right as selector issue. I'll see what I can do about it.

  5. Hey! Just wanted to say that I've been playing Dweller for years (since v0.4 approx) and have had a lot of fun with it. I love the new tile set but have a couple of observations.

    1) The difficulty seems to have gone down in recent versions. It used to be a challenge to complete the game. I would usually register 3-5 deaths for each completion. With v1.5.1 I just completed three times in a row, one with each class. And I wasn't in real trouble at any point. I think this may have to do with the addition of the merchant and scrolls of recall. It's now no longer a problem to have plentiful healing available, or to recall away when in trouble.

    2) When using a bow, I noticed that all enemies appear to get two moves. During my latest play-through as a ranger I was able to confirm this 100%. Whenever a bow is shot, all enemies immediatly get two moves.

    Thanks for the great game!

  6. Yeah, and what about the game??? Is it finished?

  7. No, the game is unfortunately not finished, and I'm not sure it ever will be.

    BUT with that said I'm very interested in hearing what YOU think is missing from Dweller before it can be said to be finished.

  8. Well, i think the game must be more competetive. After several tries it is too easy to win. Maybe you should make more deeper dungeons, more unique monsters, breakable items, some thematic levels (graveyard, temple, labyrinth with its own minibosses).

  9. I think that ramping up the difficulty of the monsters, especially in deeper levels of the dungeon, would do a LOT to make it harder. Also, decreasing the ease of obtaining healing would help significantly.

    There also seems to be something broken with very high defense. My last play I got up to 50 DEF (technically higher, since 50 is the cap, correct?) and was being hit MORE often and HARDER than my previous Warrior play where I never got to 40 DEF.

  10. In the next version monsters, especially casters, should be a bit more difficult to defeat. I will also look into nerfing the amount of healing you have access to.

  11. Just one question - when?

  12. Hm. While I played as warrior and I have ~35-40 experience level, my character was able to use magic, both wands and books. But when i've started a new game, my warrior can't use magic at all.
    This is a sort of bug report.

    And there is something about game balance.
    I think, that the potions of healing and strong potion of healing may be banished from sale, the price of mushrooms and weak potions of healing may be raised for 5-10 times to prevent the easy gathering of health restore items.
    I think, that the price of scrolls of enchant and scrolls of knowledge should be raised to 2-5k. The bonus experiense level or upgrade of equipment for 100gp? This is absurd.
    And I think, that ten levels isn't enough. Maybe enemies can be harder on deeper levels? This can prevent the necessity of creating a new enemies for deeper levels. Maybe enemies can have bonuses for their stats, determined by the level of the dungeon?
    Sorry for my bad english.

  13. Great News! If only I know how to cure myself w/o potion