Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dweller 0.15.1 bugfix and stability release

I have recently run into a couple of weird bugs when playtesting Dweller. One time I after loading a saved game I came across a map cell that looked like a normal floor tile, but it was impossible to move there. After some inspection and hacking I came to the conclusion that it had contained a dead ooze, that for some reason left it's id on the map cell, but was removed from the main list of monsters. I think the problem was caused by killing the monster with a weapon of displacement/knockbacks, but I'm not sure yet. I've also come across an irreparable save game...

I've improved the error handling drastically to help me catch weird situations like the ones mentioned above. If you come across a Dweller error screen with some log output and an error message please let me know!

Get the new release from:

or try the desktop version straight away:

Change log:

NEW Dweller Desktop now properly resize the drawing area when the window is resized
NEW Greatly improved the error handling when loading/saving data
NEW Added a loader/progress screen when starting Dweller to give feedback while waiting for the game to start

CHANGE The bottom bar is now hidden when showing item categories
CHANGE Additional drops from dead monsters favor the cell the monster was in if it is empty, instead of spreading it to adjacent cells

FIX Some key codes on some handset models did not show correct key names in the Commands menu
FIX It was not possible to close an opened gate
FIX The Dweller Mobile code to properly resize when the canvas was resized (not sure if/when that ever happens) did not work

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  1. Item-shop will be an excellent feature for the next version of the game !! Really it like me a lot.

    My girlfriend is falled in love of this game and spends more time with it than with me ...


    Greetings Björn ! :)