Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dweller 0.15.0 released - desktop support added

I have released a new version of Dweller. The new version features a couple of bug fixes and some new features. Most prominent are the progression/kill tracker that lists slain monsters and J2SE dekstop computer support. The purpose behind the desktop version is not to compete with PC/Mac/Linux roguelikes. I view it as a way to try Dweller on a desktop computer before dowloading it to your mobile.

Download and installation instruction:

Try the desktop version straight away (or download from link above):

NEW Desktop J2SE support
NEW Improved feedback from charmed monsters
NEW Added a monster kill tracker to the character menu. First time kills reward double the amount of xp
NEW All items now have a value in gold, in preparation for features to come...
NEW Monsters, primarily humanoids, now drop gold in addition to other loot
CHANGE Made targeting a bit more intelligent. If no previous target exists it is always the closest one that gets picked first
CHANGE Some keys are now locked so they can't be redefined. This is to prevent a user from redefining keys and completely block navigation within menues
FIX Targeting no longer incorrectly cycles through items when it isn't supposed to
FIX It is now possible to exit the hiscore and game over screen by pressing center/select, not only menu and exit
FIX Selecting an inventory category other than ALL sometimes caused the incorrect category of items to show


  1. Hooray for desktop version at long last for those of us lacking proper mobiles! Might do well to redo the desktop version's initial screen to suit lack of places to "tap" and other mobile centric quirks. Definitely keep at it and improve the game bit by bit.

    :dreams of a way to have a larger screen in a future version:

  2. The next version will allow the desktop version to be resized.

    What did you mean by "lack of places to tap"?