Monday, May 3, 2010

Problems with the latest Dweller release...

The latest Dweller bugfix and stability release went out the door a little too fast. Unfortunately it contains an issue when saving highscores... so much for a stability release, hmm. The game is still fully playable, but no scores will be recorded. I'm away on vacation and won't be home until the 12th of May, so I can't get a bugfix out of the door until then.


  1. Thanks for the reply Björn, the very next release after I had made my comment it wasn't working for me, fixed the issue and now it works great. One bug I am experiencing though is the game is not saving my key bindings (up, down, left, right, etc). They will work while I have the game open but once I exit out of the game they revert back to the default keys. The game is still saving everything else fine however. Thanks again for putting so much work into this. This is just what I have been looking for for a LONG time. Enjoy your vacation =)

  2. I found a problem with the keybindings. I have solved it for the next release and that may help you with your problem as well.

  3. Dweller is a superb game ! Björn you are very creative person. I found this game 2 months ago and each time that i can I take my phone to play this anti-boredom game ! It is not a common game, it is very enjoyable to play.

    I´ll be visiting this blog for next versions as you said. With your permission I will post it in "Foro Nokia 5700" (it is in spanish language).

    Psd. I apologize about my bad english writing.

  4. Thank you for the encouraging words!

  5. i tried today dweller and i somehow found it kinda slow workin. had to wait near 1.5 to wait until it loads and reaction of keypress is kinda 1-1.5 second. my phone is nokia 1680. is it normal?

  6. Khades: I'm sorry to hear that Dweller isn't running at an acceptable speed on your handset. The phone you have is in the lower tier of Java enabled handsets with a slow CPU and poor graphics performance. On other models, like my Sony Ericsson, or more advanced Nokia phones and such the game runs at full speed without any noticeable delays.

  7. So if I may I have a few suggestions and one question. The question is: Is there currently a function for Gold? And if so, where to I find the store? They may solve my other suggestion which is: The difficulty level of the game as it stands needs to be made a bit easier. My reason for saying this is that I just died with a level 27 Warrior who had every item equipped as a "Unique" level item and on top of that, most were "Enchanted" (awesome idea btw) and this character was unable to get through level 8 of the dungeon. I found myself constantly going back to the outside to pick Mushroom of Health and doing the simple levels over and over to level up/find loot/find health pots. Orcs on level 7 were handing me my behind even at this level of character with all the uber equipment.

    Some thoughts/suggestions:
    A store at every 5 levels to buy items.
    Ability to save the game (but this goes against most Rouge-Likes so this may be a big no no, but I figured I would try to sneak it in ;)
    Every 3 levels or a new rare "you found something" where you find a holy place to pray to the Gods for help (health, enchant 1 random item, extra level, map is revealed, nothing, etc).
    Difficulty level options i.e. Easy/Normal/Hard (currently I feel its set on Hard).
    Make Stats slightly more effective (if all my items are unique, and my char is 27, and I have 8 health pots, I think I should be able to get past lvl 8?)

    Bug: I found that occasionally when I leveled that I was not given the option to increase any stats. This happened about 3 times in 27 levels.

    Other thoughts: Thank you again for making such a fun awesome and FREE game. I had a blast playing all that I have so far and I can't wait to continue playing. I hope all my suggestions don't bring you down, as they are just suggestions of someone enjoying your great game. Thanks again and keep up the awesome work!

  8. Hey Nathan and thank you for your comments and suggestions. Let me answer them one by one:

    No, there is currently no use for gold. It adds to your score at the end of a game, but that is just about it. I actually have code ready for buying and selling items from merchants, but the whole concept of shops is not finished.

    Yes, the game is hard. Maybe too hard. I haven't managed to win the last couple of releases and I might have to adjust difficulty a bit :-) Adding merchants/shops and the chance to buy and sell items for potions, enchants and better weapons will make the game a lot easier. I will not modify game difficulty until I have tried how shops affect difficulty.

    Altars/Temples is an excellent idea. It could be a simple pray that does the trick or maybe the sacrifice of an item in your inventory that would result in help from you god. Altars are already on the todo list:

    No, this will not happen. The game will auto save when you exit the application, nothing else. Previous versions had the option to save the game and it allowed for save-scumming.

    Stat increase on level up
    I don't remember the exact formula for how often you are allowed to increase a stat, but I guess it can happen that you can't update any stats on level up (besides the auto increase of hp)

    Difficulty options
    Hmm, I may actually add that in a future version. I added it to the todo list.