Friday, March 12, 2010

To open source or not, that is the question

I have recently been debating with myself wether to open source my roguelike game, Dweller, or continue keeping it closed source. Don't get me wrong, I think open source is good in so many ways, but I've grown very fond of my project and it feels as if I would lose some of the control of the code when opening it up to the public. It's a bit like when your kid starts kindergarten or fist class in elementary school. It's about cutting the umbilical cord and accepting that you won't be the only one for your little project anymore... silly, but still, that's how I feel. I think I need to go ahead with it and I have already started a Google Code project and checked in auxillary code (map and game data parsers). I just need a little more time to clean up some stuff so I don't look like a complete noob when I do my first proper commit of the game code :-)

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